brain_thinkingHow to Develop Your MEMORY and Use it in Your Daily Life-Your memory is one of the faculties of your mind that you can strengthen with practice, just like our muscles become stronger with exercise. There is no such thing as a bad memory. However, just like your muscles, if your memory is not used, it can become weak. When you do not exercise the muscles in your body, they lose strength. This is exactly what happens when you are not practicing our memory. Treat your mind with as much care and consideration as you would your body, as they are very much connected. The more practice you can give this faculty, the stronger it will become.

Try This FUN Activity for One Week – With you family, take a tray and arrange some items on the tray (you can use fruit, cutlery, ornaments or whatever else you can find in your home.). One person shows to tray to whoever is playing the Memory Game with you and allow them to study to contents of the tray for 3 minutes. They cannot write things down, and must only use their memory. After 3 minutes, cover up the tray and have the person recall the items on the tray with their eyes closed.

You will notice that something is ALWAYS missed on the tray. Why does this happen? With practice, you can get really good at this game, once your memory becomes developed, but most people have not taken the time to develop this faculty, and it shows in this activity. See with practice, if you are able to reduce the number of missed items on the tray. It takes time, but this skill could one day save your life!


If you ever are an eye-witness to a crime, you will be able to notice things that other people might have missed, if this faculty is developed. Try this activity with clothing as well and see if your family members can remember what clothes you had on at breakfast (if you are speaking to them on the phone at lunch time). Teach your family to always be aware of little things that could make a significant difference later.

Results – What’s happening with your family? Is someone really good at the memory game? Keep practicing until everyone gets better!

Change My Results NOW –
This is the KEY to SUCCESS in your life. If you want to change your results in any area, you just need to change your thoughts. It’s that simple! If you change your thinking to more positive thoughts, your level of vibration will change. You will notice that life will become more peaceful. Things will just become easier. Developing your higher faculties of your mind will give you an “edge” that will set you apart from others.

 How to Exercise Your Memory Muscle-

  1. Practice the TRAY GAME once a week, for at least a month, and see if you can improve on the number of items you miss each week.
  2. See if you can remember what clothes your Mom or Dad were wearing at breakfast half way through the day. Send them a text, or give them a quick call to check to see if you got this one right.
  3. Try to look at people’s faces and see things that you could identify them with later. Everyone knows the mole of Marilyn Monroe’s face, so try to find ways to identify people.

Feedback –
Whoever does the best at the memory game should win a prize of some sort. Even if it is to eliminate one of their chores, reward the person who has worked to develop their memory. This takes time and practice!

Put it into Practice –
You never know when you will be called on the use your memory, so it’s best to be prepared for this moment. Make it a habit to work on this faculty and you will notice it will be a skill that will help you many times over.

Note: Substitute teacher for parent and classroom for family, and this activity can be conducted in the classroom for an excellent character education activity.


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