How to Use the Law of Attraction in Your Life Every Day!
We have all heard of The Law Attraction, and I am sure we all understand that when we think bad thoughts, we attract bad things to us, and that things will keep getting better and better with your life, the more you think of positive thoughts. Have you ever wondered how this works? Well, since we are spiritual beings, our thoughts attract other like thoughts and actions. Our thoughts are so powerful, that we really can attract anything we want to ourselves; good or bad!

Did you know t hat “our thoughts travel 930,000 times faster than the sound of our voice. No other force or power in the universe yet known is as great or as quick. It is a scientifically proven fact that the mind is a battery force, the greatest of any known element.”

Raymond Holliwell, author of Working with the Law.

Try This Activity for One Week – Have an open discussion at the dinner table or while you are driving somewhere about what you are REALLY thinking. Only YOU will know if you are thinking positive, results producing, action-oriented thoughts, or negative ones full of self-doubt, anxiety and fear. Since you can only think one thought at a time, you are either thinking the right way, or the wrong way. Your results will determine the thoughts you are thinking. If you are thinking good thoughts, your results will be good, and negative thoughts, will manifest into your results as well.

First of all, pinpoint if your thoughts are positive, or negative, and then once you know this, see if you can find a trigger word to help you CHANGE your thinking. Shout out loud “STOP, or CHANGE, or SWITCH, or NEXT” so that you have some sort of signal that its time to move on from this way of thinking. It’s not easy to switch over from negative to positive thinking, as old movies will be playing in your head to keep you there. You will need to practice this, and have some sort of way to keep you on the right track. When I know I am off track, I say “STOP” out loud and then I will repeat “Peace, Tranquility, Power and Success” to keep me on the right path. One day I had to say this every few minutes, as my old habits kept bringing me back to a bad place that I KNOW would only harm me.

Results – What’s happening with your family? Do you notice a pattern? Its not easy to know exactly what everyone is thinking, but it sure is easy to take an educated guess by looking at each member’s results. If we are not getting the results we want, we need to take a closer look at the thoughts we are thinking. You are the ONLY one who can change this!

Change My Results NOW –
This is the KEY to SUCCESS in your life. If you want to change your results in any area, you just need to change your thoughts. It’s that simple! If you change your thinking to more positive thoughts, your level of vibration will change. You will notice that life will become more peaceful. Things will just become easier.

How to Raise Your Level of Vibration for a More Peaceful Life-

  1. Change Your Thoughts to be positive as much as you can, and practice a strategy to STOP negative thinking when it occurs.
  2. Limit your activities with those who are on a lower level of vibration than you. You know who these people are. They are constantly complaining about what is wrong with their life, and while they are doing this, they are actually draining your energy and lowering your vibration, making you less powerful.
  3. Spend more time with like-minded, positive people like yourself. You will feel good around these people and your vibration will keep rising you up higher, close to your own goals.
  4. Avoid watching television, and especially the news. Have you ever noticed how much negative information can be packed within one hour?!
  5. Practice meditation or yoga, or something that will help you to quiet your mind. Powerful thoughts can come into your mind if you learn to quiet down, and open up to the possibilities of the universe.

Feedback –
Parents and teens will openly discuss the areas in their life they would like to attain better results. Give each other ideas on how you would change your thinking if you were in their shoes. Parents; do not underestimate the power of your teen’s mind. They can help you, just as much as you can help them.

Put it into Practice –
See what happens when put The Law of Attraction into practice in your life. If you can master changing your negative thought processes, you really do have the power to control your future with this powerful habit! Once you begin to see results in your life, see if you can start to raise your level of vibration to a place you have never been before. Notice how people in high places just seem to be more peaceful than those who are struggling with their results. Strive to be the best that you can be!

Note: Substitute teacher for parent and classroom for family, and this activity can be conducted in the classroom for an excellent character education activity.


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