the-power-of-words-optAsk Matt, Soble, the 18 year-old essay winner of the “Stop the Hate! Youth Speak Out” essay content that turned his 500 word essay into a grand prize of $100,000 for a college scholarship, this past Sunday.

Matt wrote about his experience of stopping violent and abusive behavior towards another young man, with the power of words. “I’m in shock right now. I don’t know what to say,” Matt exclaimed upon winning first prize.


I was so happy to read this story, which explains that we all have to power to affect change in this world. We just have to stand up, and do something with our lives.  Instead of sitting back, and taking the easier road, with less conflict, Matt, chose the more difficult road, and was rewarded ten-fold.


Explore the power of words with your teen and ask them, “Would you do the same if you saw someone being mistreated?” Let me know what they say, and then send me an email at [email protected] This story reminds me of the moral behind the movie, The Kite Runner. We can make a difference if we step out and do something!

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