What a great question?  If I think back to my high school days, there was not one mention of how to be an entrepreneur and take charge of your finances.  Did you  know that seven out of ten people who live in California own their own business?  Where are these finance savy minds coming from? Well, Greg Fisher, an economics teacher at the California Academy of Math and Science, has a solid curriculum to guide his students “towards being smart money managers and business people.”  Check out this link to see his curriulum, and start to implement these ideas with the young people in your lives.

I knowfinancial_literacy2 a co-worker, Miguel Almaraz, who has shared with me some activities he does with his own children.  Instead of giving them what they ask for, Miguel asks his young children to save up for their wants, like a computer, and he will match what they save, as an incentive.  Talk about motivating his children with ideas comparable to our own 401K company match?  It’s just something to think about. As parents or role models for youth, our goals should be to develop these  young entrepreneurial minds so they can become self-sufficient in their own future.

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