What is the LAW of POLARITY and How Can You Use It?

The Law of Polarity or Opposites declares that “everything has an opposite.” If there is some good to something, there must equally be some bad. When something negative happens to you, remember there is always something positive to learn from that situation, no matter how dire the problem is.

This Law really makes you think. When faced with a difficult situation, try to see the parts of the problem that are positive. I know this is not easy to do (I struggle to do this as well) but when you can get your mind around the negative, there is always a positive situation waiting for you.

Try This FUN Activity for One Week –

Example-Situation for a 10th grader-

Left Side-Negatives– don’t get to play basketball, wont be able to spend time with your friend who made the team, will miss out on all the fun of traveling with the team to away games, miss out on practices where your skills could be improved.

Right Side-Positives- Can open yourself up to another team, perhaps Cross Country Running, more time to focus on something else you want to do, meet new people as you look at another interest, improve skills in an area you might now have realized was important to you at the time.

You can see the point. Open up your mind to something new with the Law of Polarity and learn how to expand your thinking and life experiences with this skill.

We know the saying the insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result. Well, how do we change our habits and behaviors to do something differently? We need to look at our problems from an entirely different point of view to make changes.

When we shift our point of view, our attitude changes and we create a whole new level of understanding. We often can see something entirely new that we did not know existed before.

Change My Results NOW –
This is the KEY to SUCCESS in your life. If you want to change your results in any area, you just need to change your thoughts. It’s that simple! If you change your thinking to more positive thoughts, your level of vibration will change. You will notice that life will become more peaceful. Things will just become easier. Developing your higher faculties of your mind will give you an “edge” that will set you apart from others.

How to Use the Law of Polarity in Your Life-

  1. Notice your point of view. Where are your thoughts coming from? Gain some understanding of yourself here. Do you immediately see the negative side of a situation, or can you see both positive and negative?
  2. Do you have a negative situation in your life bringing your emotions down? See if you can change the situation around in your mind to see some positives, and see what happens to the problem. Did it change it at all with this new way of thinking?
  3. Notice how shifting your emotions makes you feel more powerful and in control of the outcome of the challenges in your life.
  4. Notice how the circumstances and situations change in your life as you change how you look at them.
  5. Notice how you have improved your life with this skill.

Feedback –
How is this activity going? It is not easy to see another perspective. Help out your family members and be patient with each other. Help a friend to see the positive side of a seemingly negative situation.

Put it into Practice –
When you are struggling with a situation or problem, stop and think for a moment. What are the other perspectives? Am I seeing the whole picture, or am I trapped in my own limited thinking. Open up and find the unlimited possibilities in your life.
Note: Substitute teacher for parent and classroom for family, and this activity can be conducted in the classroom for an excellent character education activity.

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