It is not often that an AMAZON reviewer takes the time and effort to review a book without being prompted, but Andrea Samadi would like to thank Kenneth J. Kohutek, Ph. D for his thoughtful and insightful review of The Secret for Teens Revealed book.  I am honored to have caught your eye with material that has changed my life, and thousands of young people’s lives, and truly appreciate the time you took to create this review.

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This review is from: The Secret for Teens Revealed: How Parents, Teachers, and Teenagers Can Inspire Leadership and Transform Lives (Paperback)

Andrea Samadi has hit a “homerun” with this book. Her experience as an educator and personal development instructor is blended in a way that any parent, educator, or one involved in the formation of young people should read and implement these concepts into their lives.

Ms. Samadi organizes her chapters in a manner suggesting she is very familiar with “best practices” in education. There is a pre-test before each chapter, valuable information in the middle and suggestions for taking the information into the real world. She successfully incorporates the concepts of multiple intelligence and individual learning styles in a way that involves the reader.

Pivotal points made in the introduction include a reminder that change takes time and energy. Knowledge, as measured on standardized tests, does not translate into results–in this case, personal growth.

It seems that since the beginning of the field of mental health,the focus has been on mental illness. It is past time for the current generation of young people be introduced in a systematic way to the positive aspects of their life.

The ten lessons with the five step approach in each chapter makes the text easy to follow. It may prove difficult at times to engage the student who has difficulty reading. However, there are enough exercises to engage most students.

The only concern raised when using this book was a reference on page 85 referring the reader back to the stick figure on page 58. Unfortunately, there was no stick figure on p. 58. Other than this very slight editorial error, as a psychologist and educator, I would recommend this book for any character education program or leadership class.

For those wishing to present this information to teens, it would be an excellent idea to read and apply the knowledge to their own lives before sharing the knowledge.

Dr. Kenneth Kohutek

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