In order for today’s students to succeed in this ever-changing economy, these students will need to have an understanding that goes far beyond math, science, history and English class. They will need to develop their critical thinking and workplace skills to succeed in the 21st Century. What exactly does this mean?  Well, students will need to prepare themselves for the changes and advancements the world is facing to have them college-bound and ready to become successful members of today’s workforce.  Take a glance into what is known as 21st Century Learning, with hopes of strengthening American education.

A former businessman, Chertavian, is the founder of Year Up, a nonprofit that imparts some of those very skills to urban young adults in some States in the USA. This program helps to prepare young people for their career with a strict workplace regiment.  Infractions such as “arriving late, neglecting homework, or violating the business casual dress code are punished by a loss of points – and a reduction of one’s stipend.”   This strict code will help to shape behaviour and is the first step towards preparing students for 21st Century results.

diagram_6_principles-optI believe that this is a bold step forward to creating 21st Century Leaders and look forward to hearing more about such initiatives.

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