Believing into Results

 “The Wright brothers didn’t know how to build a plane. Nobody knew how to send the man to the Moon. The Lumiere brothers didn’t know how to make moving pictures. Nobody knew how. But they all knew that they could do it.”

BelieveIt was 8 and a half in a cloudy Tuesday morning and I was surrounded by hundreds of people I didn’t know and had no idea how to approach. However, this little thought hit me: “By tomorrow afternoon, I will know at least half of these people.”

Before Mr. Bob Proctor started the conference, Andy Szekely, the most known Romanian public speaker and coach, asked us to find, by the end of the conference, our 10 thousand dollars idea.

Then came the man we’ve all been waiting for. And it was as if lightning hit me. Only it was magic.

For 8 hours and another morning, my world changed around and my future was no longer a blur. Bob Proctor turned it. Bob Proctor’s words gave me faith in my future.

I trust the world now. I know that I can win the Academy Award. I don’t know how, but I know that I can.

The first paragraph was my billion dollars idea.

When I was first introduced to Bob Proctor and the Law of Attraction, my paradigm fought back. “You think it actually happens? How can it? It’s impossible. Stop thinking about it. Be pessimistic. Better be surprised than disappointed.” That’s how I thought for four years.

When I joined AchieveIt360, I don’t think I could have told you just how much it would change my life. A fellow filmmaker and a very good friend, Rachel Lambert, told me about it and said that it might help me with my scripts and music. So I joined.

When I found out of Bob’s upcoming conference, I immediately wanted to go. I was unhappy with my work, with my level of effectiveness, with my inability to choose my future. I really hoped that a meeting with a man as successful and happy as Bob Proctor might be able to help me change.

obstacles_in_life-352741My biggest problem?

The price of the ticket.

My paradigm’s reaction: “Can’t pay? Don’t go.” And as usual, I believed it. However, after meeting Andrea Samadi, Rachel Lambert, Ryan O’Neill and Sierra Flynn and saw just how much confidence they had in their dreams, I realized that I should dare to dream a little bit bigger this time. So I wrote on achieveIt networking site about Bob’s conference and how much I would have liked to go.

What happened next still brings tears to my eyes.

Both Andrea and Ryan told me to be confident, to believe that my dream will become true. It was then that I learned the magic phrase “I am so happy and grateful that…” Andrea told me to say that to myself every day. “I am so happy and grateful to be attending Bob Proctor’s conference, here, in Romania.”

I didn’t believe in me. But I trusted Andrea that she trusted me.

Meanwhile, Andrea and Ryan both wrote to the organizers, to friends they had and who knew Bob, to Bob himself! And just three days later, Georgiana Vasilescu, the main organizer of the event from Inner Mind Potential, gifted me a VIP invitation, for two days with Bob Proctor!!!! I honestly cried when I read my mail. It was the most wonderful news I have ever received.

Well, Bob’s phrase worked.

Sophie_Proud_Bob_Proctor2012I went there, I met him in person, shook his hand, even shared the stage with him as I talked about achieveIt360. I met dozens of people interested in the website and that now are willing to help me achieve my dreams, I made friends I wish to keep my entire life. And I won’t stop until I meet Andrea and Ryan and hug them both and thank them in person for their amazing work!

They helped me get there. Bob Proctor changed what I’m going to do from now on.

And now I’m so happy and grateful to be writing this for you, about the most amazing and rewarding two days of my life. So far…

Sophie Proud

Aspiring Director, Scriptwriter and Public Speaker at Wolven Storms Productions

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