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The SECRET for TEENS Reveals: TOP 10 SUCCESS SECRETS  for Young Entrepreneurs 

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”23″ font_color=”#F7F0DE” width=”620″ line_height=”31″]PARENTS and TEACHERS! This simple and easy-to-read BLUEPRINT will show you HOW to IMPLEMENT the TOP 10 SECRETS of SUCCESS that all TEENS must understand TO EXCEL  in this NEW ECONOMY![/text_block]

Teach YOUR TEEN how to take control of their MIND and THINKING TODAY!

  • Improved relationships, confidence and self-esteem.
  • A better attitude to self-motivate your strategies and plans for the future.
  • Time management, resulting in better grades, productivity and overall happiness.

In this BOOK Your TEEN Will Discover…

  • New ideas and strategies to use their skills and natural talents to EARN MONEY NOW!

  • How to unleash their inner courage, explode their confidence and self-esteem and BE FEARLESS as they take their passions and throw them out to the world.

  • How to use the TOP 10 SECRETS of SUCCESS that all entrepreneurs KNOW and IMPLEMENT!  CREATE your OWN SUCCESS Blueprint and ACTION plan and GET TO WORK!

    • I KNOW this material works, because I am living proof!


      After 15 years of study with motivational speaker Bob Proctor, I took everything I saw changing the life of adults, and put it all in one place. Being a former teacher, teens have always been close to my heart. I was inspired by my mentor, Bob Proctor, back in the late 1990s that made a HUGE impact on me with his teachings. He took a group of teens, who had issues with motivation, self-esteem, their attitude and most of all, their belief in their own natural abilities and talents, and turned them all around within a few weeks. He had this group speaking on stage in front of an audience of over 8,000 adults, most who were taking notes and learning about their strategies. I had never seen such dramatic results. When I was teaching, I couldn’t get my students to complete their homework, let alone set 100 goals and have enough confidence to start making an impact on the world.

      Once I tried those concepts myself, the results were undeniable. I experienced incredible success year after year within Corporate America in educational sales and my book has been helping people all over the world from Scotland, to Ghana. 13 years after this idea began; I’m still receiving teen help requests from far and wide.

    For Parents, Teachers and Teens

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    For parents and teachers, this powerful methodology has been proven to work within teaching environments and leadership programs. If you have been using a Character Education Program to support your student’s growth, The Secret for Teens Revealed Curriculum will compliment your current program as it focuses on creating change from within. Where else can you find a program that supports young people to make the changes necessary for success in their future?

    As a leader and mentor this curriculum will offer you a blueprint to inspire young people to make better decisions, improve their critical thinking and higher order thinking skills, setting them up for success in their personal and business lives. Your role as a leader and support will impact the lives of others using these results driven tools provided in this powerful book.

    For students-

    Have you ever wondered why some people achieve great things? Do you think that these winners must be more talented, than the rest of us, or more well-connected? The Secret for Teens Revealed will teach you some fundamental strategies for success that will show you very clearly that the ONLY thing that separates the SUCCESSFUL people from everyone else is that they have learned how to bridge the gap between setting goals and achieving them. They have developed ways of behaving and thinking that enable them to achieve their goals. We will show YOU how to become a winner and achieve marked success in all areas of your life.


    PART 1- Part 1 focuses on Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory, teaching the reader which learning style they predominantly use, where their strengths are and consequently, which learning styles need more focus. This information is crucial for students to skillfully plot their path toward achievement as well as a successful future.

    PART 2- 10 Lessons that will change your life FOREVER once you can master these concepts.

    Lesson One: Why is a winning attitude so important for a rewarding life?

    Lesson Two: What is your mind and how does it control your destiny?

    Lesson Three: How will the laws of the universe change your life immediately?

    Lesson Four: How does goal setting and persistence set you apart from all others?

    Lesson Five: How can the confidence formula and body image give you predictable results for success?

    Lesson Six: Why will responsibility shape your future?

    Lesson Seven: How can you turn your life around by blasting through things that make you nervous?

    Lesson Eight: How do self-motivation and your values help you live a decent life of integrity?

    Lesson Nine: How can you let your courage emerge from within and rocket your life?

    Lesson Ten: What difference will you make in your lifetime?

    PART 3- Put it All Together to make a sound PLAN for how you will make a difference with your life. You will know the importance of a good attitude, how to use your mind to create and how to use the natural laws of the universe to work for you, instead of against you. You will have narrowed down 25 mini goals that you will work on to help get you to that one BIG DREAM that you have. You will know how to use persistence, self-confidence and self-motivation to propel you forward. You will recognize that in order to make changes in your life, you must learn to change old habits or paradigms and that will really make you feel uncomfortable. But, in order to achieve your goals, and do things differently, you will need to BLAST through your terror barriers and enter a world where you have never been before. This is where TRUE creation occurs. Once you have learned to move past all of your fears, and are BOLDLY moving in the direction of your dreams, you will notice that things will start to happen. People will be drawn to what you are doing, and you will start making connections to help you. Step by step, you will begin to CREATE your DREAMS and you will never look back.

    There is a 5 step Approach to Each Lesson to help students LEARN, RETAIN and then APPLY  this new information-

    1. Pre-test
    2. Think About This!
    3. Lesson
    4. Review
    5. Extension Exercise


    Check Out What LEADERS, CELEBRITIES and PARENTS Are Saying About The Secret for Teens REVEALED!

    Victoria Justice

    Teen Celebrity Victoria Justice chose “The Secret for Teens Revealed” as a book that influenced her on the Scholastic You Are What You Read Website.

    Victoria Justice, Teen Celebrity from TV Show ‘Victorious’

    Doug Wead

    “Never more needed, like water on a desert for a new generation!”

    Doug Wead, Presidential Historian and New York Times bestseller, advisor to two American presidents

    Bob Proctor

    “I have been studying this material for over 50 years and I watched teens go from C grades to As, from sitting on the bench to the starting lineup, to developing stronger relationships with teachers, parents and siblings, just merely by changing the way they think.”

    Bob Proctor, Secret Teacher

    Greg Link

    The Secret for Teens Revealed is a blueprint for transforming your life. Teens here’s a heads up: 97% of adults have not learned these secrets and even less live by them. Master your mind and rule your world – and your parents.

    Greg Link, Co-founder and President, CoveyLink Worldwide and co-author of Smart Trust

    -Dr. Kenneth J. Kohutek

    A proactive approach to deal with adolescent (and adult) issues. Andrea Samadi has hit a “homerun” with this book. Her experience as an educator and personal development instructor is blended in a way that any parent, educator, or one involved in the formation of young people should read and implement these concepts into their lives.

    -Dr. Kenneth J. Kohutek, Psychologist, Educator and Author

    Dr. Jeff Magee

    Brilliant! Andrea and her initiatives are right on target with what she is doing here and has done for many years … Catch the wave and aggressively participate with Andrea!

    Dr. Jeff Magee, Publisher, PERFORMANCE360 Magazine; Performance Coach

    Ryan O'Neill

    “Andrea Samadi has created a life changing program that has not only changed my perspective on life –  but also elevated my Daughter Tammy O’Neill, from a home-educated child with some problems in grasping mainstream material, to a teenager who has featured in local media publications for launching her own photography business.”

    Ryan O’Neill, Owner at True Intuition

    -Mike Brooks (Mr. Inside Sales) (Los Angeles, CA)

    After reading through The Secret for Teens Revealed, all I could think of was, why didn’t his book come out when I was a teen! Everything I wished I had learned as a teenager-the importance of goal setting, developing healthy self-esteem, living in alignment with my values-I finally did learn through years of trial and error, but if I’d had Andrea’s wonderful book back then, there’s no telling how far I’d have risen-and how much quicker!. The Secret for Teens Revealed should be required reading for teens and their parents (as well as teachers, administrators, etc.), and for anyone else who still wants to make the most of their life and life experience. A GEM of a book!”

    -Mike Brooks (Mr. Inside Sales) (Los Angeles, CA)

    -Aan Frasier, author of

    “The Secret for Teens Revealed” is a wonderful guide and workbook for anyone who wants to invest in them self. And it’s not about buying things. It’s about getting our mental piece right in order to achieve our goals. I’ve learned so much in schools and have been taught so many lessons up till college. No where along the way did I ever get lessons on my mind and how to achieve my dreams. Andrea Samadi’s teaching background really makes this book worthwhile and powerful. Her personal story is also very inspiring. The book itself is very thoroughly written and includes worksheets that push you to study your own mind and understand how you think and why you think. It also helps you recognize areas that need strengthening and gives you ideas on how to empower yourself. This book will take some time to go through as does lessons that take weeks to cover in school. The time you put in, however, will be well worth it! This book can benefit anyone, but would be perfect for adults and teenagers to read and do together.”

    -Aan Frasier, author of “Your Magnetic Mind”

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