Secret-for-Teens-Revealed-Book-optWhen I had an email from a parent in the Netherlands, asking if “The Secret for Teens Revealed” would be available in Kindle format, I knew it was time to go digital. The digital age is here! I have since embraced my own Kindle Reader and am learning how to access books, magazines and blogs from this little handheld device.

It made me think. What will happen to my bookshelf? All my book purchases in the future are going to be stored on my Kindle home page. How incredible is that for saving space! I wish I could file away all my favorites digitally, and use the shelf space for something else, like photos of my daughter at the zoo.

So, I am waiting patiently for my book to go live with the Kindle version. Any day now, they tell me. In the mean time, I am learning how to use this device myself, as I embrace the digital age, knowing how different my future is going to be now. I have even heard that schools districts are embracing Kindle readers. Will my daughter be reading on a tablet, simliar to the tablet my Mom wrote on while growing up in England? Instead of chalk, will she be pushing buttons to learn? It makes you think, doesn’t it. The digital age is here, and The Secret for Teens Revealed will be available soon in Kindle format! Click here to go straight to AMAZON page.

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