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Secret for Teens Personal Development Program

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 The Secret for Teens Revealed

Parents and Teachers-

For parents and teachers, this powerful methodology has been proven to work within teaching environments and leadership programs. If you have been using a Character Education Program to support your student’s growth, The Secret for Teens Revealed Curriculum will compliment your current program as it focuses on creating change from within. Where else can you find a program that supports young people to make the changes necessary for success in their future?

As a leader and mentor this curriculum will offer you a blueprint to inspire young people to make better decisions, improve their critical thinking and higher order thinking skills, setting them up for success in their personal and business lives. Your role as a leader and support will impact the lives of others using these results driven tools provided in this powerful book.

For students-

Have you ever wondered why some people achieve great things? Do you think that these winners must be more talented, than the rest of us, or more well-connected? The Secret for Teens Revealed will teach you some fundamental strategies for success that will show you very clearly that the ONLY thing that separates the SUCCESSFUL people from everyone else is that they have learned how to bridge the gap between setting goals and achieving them. They have developed ways of behaving and thinking that enable them to achieve their goals. We will show YOU how to become a winner and achieve marked success in all areas of your life.


PART 1- Part 1 focuses on Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory, teaching the reader which learning style they predominantly use, where their strengths are and consequently, which learning styles need more focus. This information is crucial for students to skillfully plot their path toward achievement as well as a successful future.

PART 2- 10 Lessons that will change your life FOREVER once you can master these concepts.

Lesson One: Why is a winning attitude so important for a rewarding life?

Lesson Two: What is your mind and how does it control your destiny?

Lesson Three: How will the laws of the universe change your life immediately?

Lesson Four: How does goal setting and persistence set you apart from all others?

Lesson Five: How can the confidence formula and body image give you predictable results for success?

Lesson Six: Why will responsibility shape your future?

Lesson Seven: How can you turn your life around by blasting through things that make you nervous?

Lesson Eight: How do self-motivation and your values help you live a decent life of integrity?

Lesson Nine: How can you let your courage emerge from within and rocket your life?

Lesson Ten: What difference will you make in your lifetime?

PART 3- Put it All Together to make a sound PLAN for how you will make a difference with your life. You will know the importance of a good attitude, how to use your mind to create and how to use the natural laws of the universe to work for you, instead of against you. You will have narrowed down 25 mini goals that you will work on to help get you to that one BIG DREAM that you have. You will know how to use persistence, self-confidence and self-motivation to propel you forward. You will recognize that in order to make changes in your life, you must learn to change old habits or paradigms and that will really make you feel uncomfortable. But, in order to achieve your goals, and do things differently, you will need to BLAST through your terror barriers and enter a world where you have never been before. This is where TRUE creation occurs. Once you have learned to move past all of your fears, and are BOLDLY moving in the direction of your dreams, you will notice that things will start to happen. People will be drawn to what you are doing, and you will start making connections to help you. Step by step, you will begin to CREATE your DREAMS and you will never look back.

There is a 5 step Approach to Each Lesson to help students LEARN, RETAIN and then APPLY  this new information-

  1. Pre-test
  2. Think About This!
  3. Lesson
  4. Review
  5. Extension Exercise

The Secret for Teens Revealed Home Study

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Secret for Teens Revealed Book and DVD

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