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See my nomination of Roger Shaffer from Canyonville Christian Academy here http://www.takepart.com/teach/stories/story/2790062

I was a former teacher from Toronto District School Board, sitting in a seminar in 2002 in Toronto, Canada. Roger Shaffer was a speaker, a famous teacher from Canyonville Christian Academy from Portland, OR. His speech inspired me to get moving with my goals of inspiring American youth, and changed my life forever!

Back in 2001, I had recently moved from Toronto, Canada, to Arizona, in pursuit of my goals to inspire American youth to reach their highest potential. I was attending a seminar in my home town, and met Roger from Canyonville Christian Academy for the first time. I learned how Roger’s students (at the time) had been winners of the last 10 “Oregon Stock Market Games.” This semi-annual competition is sponsored by Portland State University and the Oregon Council of Economic Education, with about 400 entries per contest.

Roger spoke of the success he was having inspiring young people to learn about the stock market with these games. I took notes, and watched his session with eager eyes. Now, at the time, I was working in the seminar industry, as the person who brings the coffee and refreshments to the speakers. What an opportunity! I learned the most valuable information that would later change the course of my life. Who would have known that Roger’s good friend was Doug Wead, the former assistant to two American Presidents. Doug later became influential in the direction of my life.

But I want to recognize Roger Shaffer from Canyonville. He dedicated his life to his students. I watched, and learned. And now….

You can see what I have created at https://achieveit360.com and now am an official partner of Arizona Department of Education! Jumpstart to Success is now a Character Education program that I am implementing in States across the USA.

I saw what one person was doing and took my knowledge to help young people. I will personally help youth to create their own blueprint and provide them with the support tools to help them to stay on track.

Roger understood the stock market, and I had my own blueprint to help young people reach for higher ground and-

  • Create a better future and make a difference in the world
  • Use their natural talents and abilities to reach their highest potential

I will create 10,000 more people like Roger Shaffer in the next 2 years and want to thank him for his inspiration! He had no idea whose life would change that day!

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