BIO-Rachel Lambert is a 18-year-old following her dreams of becoming a Movie Director, Actress, Screenwriter, and Musician/Composer. She makes videos for YouTube (her website is and has over 900,000 views. She is also the creator of the promo video and theme song.

From a very young age, Rachel has been interested in art, writing, and music. As time passed, that interest continued to grow. They have now become some of her greatest passions, and she is determined to bring her dreams to life.

In October of 2011, Rachel released her first scripted short film “Fly on the Wall.” She directed, wrote, edited, and starred in the film, and considers it one of the greatest experiences of her life. She has also completed a full-length movie screenplay and is in the process of writing others.

Her family, friends, and fans mean the absolute world to her! So many fantastic people have inspired Rachel, and it is her goal to be an inspiration as well. She wishes to encourage teens and adults worldwide to believe in and achieve everything they strive for. “Believe in your dreams,” she says. “And not even the sky can limit how far you’ll fly!”

The Path to your Dreams

StepsIn today’s world, it’s easy to get lost in the stress of everyday life. We get caught up in our jobs, undergo the pressure of school, and struggle with keeping personal relationships from falling apart. In an environment like that, it seems a little far-fetched to focus on anything more than surviving the present. However, what if I told you that everything you were experiencing now was the key to unlocking the mystery that lies ahead? Would you believe me? How could being fired from my job, failing a test, losing a friend, or breaking up with a lover have anything to do with something good? Well, it’s your life. Isn’t it up to you whether it’s good or bad? The power is in your hands, and when you feel as if life is going in all the wrong directions, one path will always be clear. The path of destiny, the path of fulfillment, the path of pure happiness, that leads to achieving our dreams!

We all have dreams, dreams that make our hearts warm, souls uplifted, and eyes bright! I have a dream, and everyday I am taking steps along my path to make that dream a reality! It’s not always easy: I feel the pressure of school, I have lost friendships, but I haven’t allowed them to make me retrace my footsteps and leave the path. I will explain, through my personal journey, how to find your path and follow it to reach your destiny!

Step 1: Just By Experiencing Life and Growing Up, You Have Built Your Path

In reality, our paths have been building ever since we were born. The things we’ve experienced, the passions we’ve discovered, all link to form the way. I have had a love for art and music ever since I can remember. Drawing, singing songs from Disney movies that I watched over and over again, learning violin and joining Orchestra in Elementary School, learning to play Guitar, Piano, and Tin Whistle, joining Choir and Select Choir in Middle School, all of these experiences have built a “yellow-brick road” for me to follow. Think about how you have come to find your passions in life, what you’re talented at, what you enjoy doing most. Now imagine your path, can you see how everything comes together? The traits you have, your personality, your skills, your passions, they all have combined to form the way for you to follow.

Step 2: Taking That First Step Have you ever heard the saying, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step?” Well, so does your journey. It may be scary, looking ahead to the brilliance of your dream, but seeing the long road that leads to it. Be confident, believe in yourself, and conquer your fears! Feel strong, see yourself achieving your dream, see yourself already at the end of your journey, and take that step. Each step is bringing you closer to the finish line, all steps matter, every step you should be proud of!

Step 3: You’re NEVER Alone As you travel on your path, you may be afraid of what lies ahead, lose confidence in yourself, and want to give up on your dream. However, you need to know that you’re not alone in this journey! There will always be people looking out for you, ready to catch you when you stumble, to comfort you when you are in need, and to cheer you on when you are succeeding! Your family, friends, teachers, peers, neighbors, community, everyone is behind you. I have lost my way on my path, lost confidence in myself, but when I felt the support from all of the people who cared about me and wanted to see me succeed, it sparks this radiant happiness inside me everyday. I want to accomplish my dream not only for myself, but for them. They will be proud, they will be inspired, and I will always remember them when I have achieved my goal. When your flame is dimming, there will always be someone there to spark a fire within you to keep going strong!

Step 4: You’re Path Can Change The way to your dream is not set in stone; you have the ability to change it by what you’re fighting for. Your dream can change, just as you change your mind as you grow older and experience new things in life. That doesn’t mean that all you’ve done, how far you’ve traveled is lost. Quite the contrary actually! Everything you have achieved and witnessed while on your journey will help and guide you to what lies ahead. I thought that I wanted to be a Musician, that singing and performing my instruments in front of millions of people was my dream. Then, I realized what I was meant to be. I had created a YouTube account so that I could share my music with the world, but then I discovered just how much I enjoyed making videos. I started using different software programs, and began creating shows about what I loved, and I found that people loved what I did! My views began to rise, encouraging comments were being posted, and I started to talk with people all over the world that shared the same passions as me and enjoyed my shows! I joined YouTube as a step on my path toward becoming a Musician, but when that dream changed to my current goal of becoming a Movie Director, my YouTube account helped drive me forward! So if your dream changes, don’t mourn all you’ve done for your forgotten dream, but experience the excitement of how the path you’ve traveled propels you forward on the way to your current dream!

Step 5: NEVER GIVE UP! The most important thing that you need to remember on your journey is to never, ever leave the path! Even when you feel as if all hope is lost, that you’re dream isn’t worth fighting for any longer, you have to find the strength to keep moving forward! Your dream will always be there, it will always be waiting for you at the end of your path. Even when the road is rocky and twists in different directions, you have to realize that destiny awaits ahead no matter what. When you feel as if you’ve lost your way, VISUALIZE! See yourself at the end of your journey, see yourself already achieving your dream, feel the pure happiness that radiates within you, witness the pride of those who believed in you as you reach fulfillment, and visualize yourself looking back at the long journey behind you, gazing at the steps imprinted in the path, and know that you SUCCEEDED!

Step 6: It’s All Up To You! I cannot tell you when your path is going to conclude, or where you will meet your dream at the journey’s end. That is all up to you! This entire journey is in your hands, and thus you control when your dream has become a reality! No one can shape the path for you, no one can steal away your dream, and no one can travel this journey for you. Only you, magnificent you, have the power to build, follow, and find pure happiness on this path. So always believe in yourself, because you have the ability to achieve your dreams, accomplish your goals, and reach your destiny!

I hope that these steps will help guide you to realizing your dream, believing in yourself, and never giving up on what you strive for. No matter what hardships block your path, you can conquer them all! The fear and doubt within you will be replaced with hope and confidence, every person who believes in you will be proud when your dream becomes a reality, and you will be glowing with excitement when you see that the key to the mystery ahead is in your hands.


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