So we all know that students learn in many different ways. We all have different strengths, weakness and learning styles. Schools are now starting to recognize that they can no longer be like “learning factories” where they must sit and listen to a teacher lecturing about something that has little meaning.   Learning in the 21st Century needs to become “student-centered” and allow the students the flexibility to learn at their own pace, in the manner that they are most comfortable.

So, let’s take a look at the “iClass Project” that “aims to make education more effective, worthwhile and, above all, enjoyable,” explains Eric Meyvis, the project’s coordinator. “ It’s no secret that students are becoming increasingly unmotivated, so they have found a solution to this problem by using ICTs, the internet and an attractive interface to make learning more enjoyable.

Allowing the student more flexibility with the choices they make with their education can only be a win-win situation. I do hope we see more learning platforms emerge for students that empower them to create, learn and educate themselves. These are all key ingredients for the 21st Century Job Market as well. Why not prepare our students for the reality of the job marketplace, before they get there? This way, they will be prepared when they need to take ownership with their jobs, instead of their academics.

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