Sun-Devil-Stadium-Skyboxes-optBack in 2004, just 3 years after I had moved from Canada to the States in pursuit of my dreams, I landed my FIRST real job at Arizona State University, working with athletes in the stadium. I had the opportunity to work with athletes who were strong on the field or court, and needed to work on their academics.

My first round of students, I had the amazing opportunity to work with Ike Diogu. He impressed me from the moment I first met him. He sat down, and we discussed his academics. With students I was working with, I always decided to test out the curriculum I had written to see how young people react to being asked about their attitude, or positive mindset. Ike responded to all of my questions, exactly as I had hoped.

He saw the importance of a strong mental attitude with regards to his academics as well as his sport. His polite nature never wavered and I knew I would see him in the headlines in  the years to come. My time working with Ike was short, but the impact he had on me is crystal clear 10 years later. He gave me confidence that the topics I thought were important for young people to learn, practice and implement were important and common practice with those who have that razors edge over others.

Ike’s attitude was something he was in control of. He knew that his mind was important with his academics as well as his sport and his confidence was obvious. I think it’s time I look up Ike and see if he would be interested in appearing in our EXPERTS GALLERY to help inspire other young athletes!

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