Welcome to 2016!

In order to start this year off stronger than you ever have started a year, I have always suggested goal setting to launch your year. My goal setting experience started back in the late 1990s when I was a sales rep for Bob Proctor Seminars. Proctor really practiced what he preached with everyone that he came in contact with. At every seminar, attendees were given goal cards to write out their goals on, and track throughout the year. I knew of some very successful insurance sales people who still carry their goal cards in their shirt pockets or wallets.

Do you have goals written out?

Do you carry your goals so that at any given moment you know what they are?

Do you read your goals daily?

Do you take action steps towards your goals daily?

If you are not doing this practice EVERY year, I am going to suggest that you begin, and the changed you will achieve from this process will be life-altering.

1. Watch the “Goal Setting” Video above.

2. Download the Activity Worksheet on “Goal Setting and Persistence” and set goals is all areas of your life. Use the goal wheel as a guide. If you can think of 4 or 5 goals in each of the areas, you will be on track. Think of what you want to accomplish in your future, your work life or academics, friends and family goals, physical activity goals, and how you would like to give back to your community using your talents.GoalWheelNew

3. Narrow it Down to ONE MAIN GOAL: After this lesson, you should be clear about ONE goal you will begin TODAY.

4. Create some action steps: Pick ONE goal to work on and create 25 action steps.

  • Prepare for Q1 (January to March) 2016– Pick 2 or 3 strategies that you can do right away. If you don’t know how to begin, you will need to find a mentor to help you to begin.

5. To learn more about other goal setters, be sure to see our interview with Nik Halik here!

6. Comment below on the goals you are working on! You never know who might see your goals and have some ideas for you.

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