BIO-Louis Lautman is a Lifestyle Designer and Transformational Artist serving the world with his innovative strategies for happiness and fulfillment. He is the Executive Producer of The YES Movie the film that exposes the secrets of today’s youngest millionaires and the Founder of The Young Entrepreneur Society

3 Steps to Entrepreneurial Success

Many people who become entrepreneurs struggle in their business because they don’t have the strategies to bring them the financial success that they are looking to achieve. Even more struggle in their business because even when they financially reach success, they are still unfulfilled because they are not doing meaningful work. After traveling the country for the filming of The YES Movie ( and meeting top young millionaires and entrepreneur experts, I am certain that you can be, do AND have everything you want as long as you take consistent action toward your goals.

After I met Dr. Farrah, who made his first million dollars at age 14 he shared something very simple, yet very powerful with me for entrepreneurial success. He told me that there were 3 things anyone could do to be fulfilled in their business life. After having thought about these 3 simple steps, I realized that they are very easy to do, yet they are also very easy not to do, so you must decide if you are aligned with these actions.

First ask yourself, “What do I love to do?” Everyone loves to do something, look at your days and figure out what do you fill your time with. Chances are that is what you love to do. Don’t worry if you can start a business doing that yet, the important thing is that you realize the specific things that you love doing.

Second ask yourself, “What am I better at than most people?” Chances are that you have some given ability or characteristic that allows you to excel in some area or another. It could be anything, and don’t close off options because you don’t think that ability is important. Are you a good storyteller, writer, computer programmer, leader of people, care taker? It could be anything, and if you don’t know or can’t come up with anything, ask those around you what you are better than most people at.

Finally ask yourself, How can I serve the most amount of people doing what I love and doing what I am good at? Some people will ask this question and immediately get their answer, and that is what they should be doing or are already doing. Other will ask that question and not find an answer and give up. I implore you to keep asking this question until you find an answer…even if it takes an entire lifetime, because when you find that answer you will experience the entrepreneurial bliss that the super successful feel on a daily basis.

Some people look at entrepreneurs and wonder how they can work such long hours and have so much passion, the answer is that they don’t feel like they are working, because they are doing something they love and are fulfilled because of the impact they are making on the world…not to mention because they are good at what they do, they are making big bucks. Don’t give up on your passion because when you follow these three simple steps your level of fulfillment will be much greater than doing anything else…and people will wonder why you always seem happy.

Your Friend, Louis Lautman


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