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Description Level Up Home Study Program


  • College, Career- Postsecondary education Preparation
  • Academic Performance
  • Cognitive Development
  • School Attendance
  • Pro-social Behavior
  • Physical Health and Well-Being
  • Social-Emotional Learning Strategies (Mindset, Responsible Decision-Making, Self-Awareness, Social-Awareness, Self-Regulated Learning, and Relationship Skills)
  • Character Education

PROGRAMS Middle and High School Program- Level Up Online is designed to motivate middle and high school students to learn new learning strategies to help them improve their academics, personal life, relationships, and career outlook. Level Up Online tracks student outcomes in the following areas in our online Learning Management System. Parent and Teacher Program– Level Up Online works well when parents and teachers complete the activities along with students. Can be used in a homeschool environment, as well as home study for students ages 13-onwards.

  1. Understanding strengths and highly developed intelligences
  2. The importance of a winning attitude for a successful future
  3. New learning strategies for success
  4. Why understanding the three main parts of the brain can help them with improved thinking and learning
  5. How and why to set goals
  6. How to motivate yourself towards a task or goal
  7. The importance of understanding your values
  8. The importance of understanding positive self-image strategies
  9. How to handle criticism
  10. How to survive peer pressure
  11. How to prepare for your future
  12. For their students to be College and Career Ready by the time they are seniors
  13. EVERY senior applies for University or College.
  14. Every freshman uses, understands and applies 17 Character Attributes
  15. Students are exposed to ethics education so they can learn to make better decisions.
  16. Expect to succeed
  17. Know that success is attainable
  18. Eliminate failure mentality
  19. Improve their mindset
  20. Include parent involvement

LEVEL UP CORE PROGRAM- The program consists of an Online LMS Moodle portal with videos, PDF worksheets for students and teachers, Level Up book and Character by Design Character Worksheets.

  1. Online LMS Platform- students and teachers can login easily to access the online portion of the program that can be used either as a classroom discussion tool, or as a standalone tool for students to work through the program independently.
  • Students receive badges for character attributes they have worked on, and teachers can access all student work in the gradebook to get an overall look of their student’s knowledge, skill level and thought processes.
  • Reporting tools are available for teachers and parents can access this portal at home to view student lessons and progress as well.

Short Animated Videos– (2-3 minutes) accompany each lesson, with a PDF worksheet and teacher lesson plan to dive deeper into each topic area. PDF Worksheets for each Character Attribute (attentiveness, wisdom, caring, forgiveness, generosity, responsibility, diligence, compassion, trustworthiness, virtue, citizenship, gratefulness, sincerity, wisdom, orderliness, respect, empathy, kindness, teamwork, honesty, co-operation, integrity, and perseverance). Celebrity Video Interviews– (NEW videos are added each month for fresh ideas and content). Some character lessons have video interviews to accompany the lesson. AchieveIT360 interviewed some well-known celebrities, and world and business leaders, TV Celebrities from “NBC Shark Tank” and regular everyday people to drive home the attribute in a motivating and memorable way. Here are some attributes and the Interview connected to teach, explain and begin discussion on each attribute in a motivating and inspiring manner.

  1. COMPASSION-Tiffany Krumins (Season 1 Success Story from NBC Shark Tank) with her story of how she invented Ava the Elephant. She offers some tips for young people who may have an idea that can help others by sharing her story of how she invented Ava the Elephant, and received funding to launch it. She shares how she took her passion for children and turned it into a business where she can expand her reach to young people around the world. Click here to see video.
  2. WISDOM– Bob Proctor (Best Selling Author and Motivational Speaker) offers some tips of how he has earned his wisdom from studying the same topic (success) for over 50 years. He advises young people to take out a pen and write out a goal that they really want. This short video inspires students to take action. Click here to see video.
  3. INITIATIVE– 17 year old Houston Gunn (author of the book, How I Plan to Graduate from High school a Millionaire) shares his success tips for students on how to take initiative, and never give up. See his image to the right with Donald Trump who endorsed his book. He shares how he took initiative to get Donald Trump to endorse his book by sending out 100 emails. One person replied-Donald Trump. The rest is history!

       4.   INITIATIVE– another video with 13 year old Ryan Kelly of Ryan’s Ruffery (another NBC Shark Tank Success Story)  speaks of  how he started his business idea, landed an investor and continues to build a business while he is in school. He shares how it all started with a project he did in Junior Achievement at school and then he was urged to take his idea to Shark Tank to find an investor. Barbara Corcoran saw his vision.

  1. DILIGENCE– Scott Isbell, talent manager of the band, Wu Tang Clan, provides an interview on how to overcome obstacles. He auditioned for the TV show “The Voice” and didn’t make it, but has done well with finding his pathway to success. Scott shares the importance of never giving up and pivoting to try new things when something doesn’t work out. Click here to see video.
  2. CITIZENSHIP- Doug Wead, the former assistant to President Bush (Junior and Senior) and Presidential Historian (author of over 30 books) provided us with an insightful interview on “The Greatest Presidents in History” This video interview has a student and teacher information sheet so teachers can have a sneak peak of Wead’s answers and ideas in this powerful look at the US Presidents. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear straight from someone who has worked in the White House, some interesting stories we would never know about our US Presidents. One interesting fact. George Washington never smiled. Not because he was miserable, but because he was self-conscious that he had wooden teeth! Click here to see video.

2. Level Up book– Level Up is a proven blueprint for students who have the goal of improving their overall results with their academics, sports and paving a path to an exciting future. The book correlates to the online program and can be used as a supplement for student activities, discussion and reinforcement of the content within the classroom setting. Click here to see course outline.

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