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Level Up Character Library

Study our Character Lesson Library with your students and inspire them to start thinking of NEW ways they can create, connect and communicate with the world. Students will learn how to

  • be responsible, engaged and connected with the world and others.
  • become problem solvers who know their strengths and talents.
  • make decisions quickly and firmly without changing their minds.
  • become confident, resilient learners.
  • think creatively, using the executive function of their brain.

Engaging Real World Connections

Students learn the most commonly used Character Attributes by studying a case study, thinking about how this applies to their life, and then applying the lesson learned in an online written assignment.

Each Attribute Lesson has

  • A case study or example
  • Think About This
  • Definition and meaning of the word
  • Written activity or class discussion question

Online LMS Platform Can Be Accessed 24/7

Teachers can access these lessons online 24/7. Level Up Character Lesson Library is one module of the Level Up Online program.

The Character Lessons can be printed and used as PDF worksheets or as a class discussion tool using your Smart Board or projector.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Do These Lessons Work?
Students learn how to apply and “Level Up” each of the 24 Character Attributes in their daily life, emerging as diligent, attentive and responsible students with a “Growth Mindset.” 


Once you purchase the Entire Character by Design Lesson Library, you will be sent a username and password to access the lessons.
The Character Lessons can be printed and used as PDF worksheets or as a class discussion tool using your Smart Board or projector.
Use the Lessons as springboards for discussion so students can learn how to apply each attribute to their daily life.
Each lesson consists of a:
  • Case Study or Lesson
  • Think About This Section
  • Definition and Meaning
  • Written Activity or Discussion for Application

Click here to access PDF Lesson on Trustworthiness

TrustworthinessTrustworthiness- What would you do in each of these situations?

Situation 1– You are walking in the courtyard right before lunch and you find a $50 bill on one of the tables. What do you do? Do you think to yourself “Finders Keepers” and keep it, or find the rightful owner by telling your teacher or principal to see if anyone has reported their money lost?

Situation 2– So, you decided to keep the $50 bill since you could really use it to go towards the new headphones you’ve had your eye on for the past few months. With this extra money, you could buy them today, and enjoy your music loud and clear tonight.  Suddenly, you see one of your good friends sitting in class with tears in their eyes. They report that they are devastated that they lost the $50 their Mother had given to them to buy groceries on the way home from school. What do you do?

thinkAsk yourself?  

Think of a time when you either lost something, or it was stolen from you. Remember how that made you feel and see if it makes a difference on whether you would give back the money and try to find it’s rightful owner.

The Meaning of Trustworthiness

Webster’s Online Dictionary defines “Trustworthiness” as able to be relied on to do or provide what is needed or right: deserving of trust.[1]

Similar words for trustworthiness are good, reliable, responsible, safe, tried-and-true, trust-able, dependable.

Trustworthiness Activity #1

The following activity will help you to recognize and demonstrate trustworthiness in your life.

  1. Name five (5) areas of your life where someone trusts you. (Example: feeding a pet for your neighbor, closing up at work, or even keeping your word).
  2. Pick one area where someone trusted you, and you did not let them down. How did it make you feel? What other areas could you improve and become more trustworthy?
  3. Write 150 to 300 words to describe a situation where you must be trustworthy.

[1] Webster’s Online Dictionary http://www.mirriam-website Copyright © 2015- www.AchieveIT360.com. All Rights Reserved.

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