WHEN WE FIRST MET KYLE HE WAS-Kyle Myhra is a 17-year- old senior at Broomfield High School in Colorado. Kyle has been featured on many local news shows, American Inventor, and most recently on The Discovery Channel Show Pitchmen where he demonstrated his Spot Sucker TM invention. Kyle is currently working on a licensing deal to get The Spot Sucker TM to market. WHERE IS KYLE NOW? Looking for an investor.

Currently I am taking a year off of college to continue work on the Spot Sucker. We now have a one handed prototype that is about the size of a highlighter and works even better then the pump I used on the show. The licensing agreements with the companies on the show never panned out, so we are currently in the process of trying to take the Spot Sucker to market by ourselves. The process has been slow because of our financial constraints, so we are trying to find some loans or investors so we can get it moving faster. Kyle www.kyleinvents.com

 How to Think Like an Inventor

 “Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.”(Andre Gide, 1947 Nobel Prize for Literature)

How many times have you walked down the aisle of a store, seen the newest product, and said “I could have thought of that”? Every person has their own unique ideas, and with those ideas, everyone has the capacity to be an inventor.  To be an inventor you not only need to be observant to see the potential for an invention, but you must also have the tenacity to follow through until the idea becomes a product. I am lazy, observant, and a good problem solver: key traits for any aspiring inventor.  As a teenager, the laziness comes naturally. Although my mother may give me a hard time about it, I use my laziness to come up with innovative new ways of doing things.

I am always looking for an easier and better way to do something.   I see the world not as it is, but what it could be. I came up with the idea for my invention, The Spot Sucker TM   because I spilled something on my shirt and I didn’t want to change clothes. First, I tried to rub the spot out, but that just seemed to spread the stain.  The stain did look fainter, but only because I made it bigger.  I thought to myself, why couldn’t you just suck the stain out? Then I started trying different things, and I eventually came up with a working concept.  However, merely developing ideas does not make you an inventor. An inventor can capture a fleeting thought or idea and keep it in the back of his or her mind.  Then at some point, whether that be in the middle of class or while driving or dreaming, the inventor starts thinking up a new solution.

Many innovations are just simple changes to existing products. King Camp Gillette thought up disposable razors one morning while he was shaving, an idea that made him millions.  Countless shavers before him were undoubtedly annoyed with constantly having to sharpen their razors, but only Gillette spent the time and used his brainpower to think of the solution. Most people think there must be a better way to do things, but inventors never stop until they have a better way.  Children can actually be great inventors because they tend to imagine and dream without restraints. I think adults lose some of their ability to invent because they are not as open to possibilities as children are. The main differences between a non-inventor and an inventor are the steps that one follows after an idea. To think like an inventor, you must believe that nothing is impossible.  Always document your ideas, no matter how crazy they may seem at the time; you never know when technologies may change.  An idea that you thought may not have ever been possible may eventually become your new invention.  Often after many years of trials, reinventions, and failed products, you are finally able to discover the solution. Your best invention is seldom your first invention.  You must never give up on your potential because you or your ideas may change the world!!


Innovative thoughts-keep thinking new thoughts and use your imagination to find solutions to problems you see.

New applications- think of new ways to do things, instead of going what you already know.

Visualize- and use your mind as you create.

Everything is possible-believe in yourself and your abilities.

Never Give up- when you get stuck, give it break, and come back to it later with a fresh mindset.

Take one step at a time, change how you walk but don’t stop walking-keep moving forward.

Opportunities are created, they don’t always just appear-be the creator, be an active participant in life.

Redesign, redirect, redesign-think from many different angles and perspectives.

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