If you have young children, then you MUSKidzBop4T know a KIDZ BOP song! Kidz Bop are a group of kids who sing kid-friendly hits! AchieveIT360 has been following Ashlynn Chong, one the newest members of Kidz Bop for the past few years.

We do look forward to featuring our interview with her in the Jumpstart to Success program, but wanted to write about our experience meeting her in Mesa, AZ while she was touring on the DREAM BIG, SING LOUD tour!

What a great time! We had a chance to meet Ashlynn and Grant and the rest of the Kidzbop Group on the Red Carpet after the show!

If you have young children who enjoy music, dance and fun you must see their tour schedule and book your tickets! Click here to LEARN MORE!

You can experience you own Red Carpet experience with your kids that they will remember for a lifetime!

Stay tuned for our interview with Ashlynn Chong for Jumpstart to Success 2014!





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