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Engaging Assignments


Show Students How to Think and Create  as they learn topics by watching an engaging video, then apply the lesson learned in an assignment. Lessons can be used as a teaching resource, in the computer lab, or for homework.


Building Grit


Students connect  with Interviews with business leaders, TV Celebrities from “NBC Shark Tank” and regular everyday people to drive home the attribute in a motivating and memorable way, building resilience, grit and perseverance to life’s obstacles.

Choose a Plan


  • Level Up Core (Level Up Module Only)
  • Level Up Complete (All 3 Modules)
  • Level Up Summer (6 Week Summer Program)
  • Level Up Character Only

Plans and Pricing

*Additional fees for training (online or on site), Live Workshops, and materials.  Quotes are available upon request.

Level Up Core Starter Package

6 Phases (14 Lessons)
$297/6 weeks
  • Level Up Core consists of the 6 Phases of the Level Up book with video lessons and PDF activities to help students learn and apply the concepts in the “Level Up” book.

Level Up Summer (60 Lessons)

6 Week Summer Program
  • Choose from Level Up Program, Character Lesson Library and Expert Interviews

Character by Design Lesson Library

24 Character Education PDF worksheets
  • 24 PDF worksheets on the most commonly used Character Attributes that inspire innovation, creativity and thinking.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

After 2 weeks of using “Jumpstart to Success” along with “The Secret for Teens Revealed” book, Victory HS students were more excited about their future. They are enjoying understanding their strengths, and thinking about how they will make a difference in the world.

Dr. Shirley Branham

Principal, Victory High School, Arizona, USA

“Level Up is an action oriented guide designed not for school but for life. It is constructed with interactive exercises that demand the learner both think and feel. Level Up will transform learners into achievers as they follow the well outlined path. The text and guidelines are inviting, encouraging and supportive. Staying with the program creates powerful connection between neuroscience, theory and success.”

Robert Jerus

SPHR, Author of Mind Matters & EIQ-2 Emotional Intelligent Systems

“Like Martin Luther King Jr. I have a dream. I dream that someday all teachers will teach students how to think rather than making them think. I dream that all students will understand how their brains work and use the knowledge to be successful and excel in whatever endeavors they choose. I dream that students and teachers will find books like Level Up by Andrea Samadi, and use the information contained therein to increase their brain power and success. “

Jeff Kleck

School Administrator, Arizona, USA

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Jumpstart to Success/Level Up Series?

Jumpstart to Success- Level Up is a 3 year, teacher facilitated, classroom based character education and social emotional learning program for middle school and high school students designed to reduce school failure and dropout rate by enhancing school achievement, discipline, motivation and results.

What are the main goals of Jumpstart to Success-Level Up?

The program impacts the following areas:

  1. College, Career- Postsecondary education Preparation
  2. Academic Performance
  3. Cognitive Development
  4. School Attendance
  5. Pro-social Behavior
  6. Physical Health and Well-Being
  7. Social-Emotional Learning Strategies (Mindset, Responsible Decision-Making, Self-Awareness, Social-Awareness, Self-Regulated Learning, and Relationship Skills)
  8. Character Education
What age group is the program designed for?

Middle School Students (grades 6-8) (age 12-14)

High School Students (grades 9-12) (age 15-18)

Young Adults (Age 18-25)

Level Up Kids (Ages 4-12) Coming January 2017

Level Up College and Career (Ages 18 and up) Coming January 2017.


How do you use the program?

Jumpstart to Success-Level Up is a 32 week yearlong program designed to be used in the classroom but it can also be used as a stand-alone program.

The lessons can be used as springboards for classroom discussion, as teacher resources, or for homework assignments.

See sample yearly agenda below.

Schools typically implement a 3 year plan as below

Jumpstart to Success Program Introduction and Establish New Culture with Jumpstart to Success Implementing Jumpstart to Success in Your School Jumpstart to Success in Action
How is the Program Structured?

Level Up Program: Teachers begin with Phase 1 and follow the Quick start guide. Each lesson has a 2 minute short video to stimulate classroom discussion and then students complete a PDF worksheet on the topic. Program was designed to be used within the classroom setting with a block of time of 15 minutes and assignments can be completed for homework.

Character Lessons: Each lesson has the following structure to teach the character attributes: Lesson, Think About This, Definition, and Assignment.  Use the PDF lessons as springboards for discussion, and assignments can be completed for homework.

Expert Interview Series: Can be assigned for homework, or in the computer lab. Watch a 20 minute interview and students complete the PDF worksheet to learn new skills and strategies from real world people, offering their ideas, expertise and strategies for success.



How effective is Jumpstart to Success-Level Up?

Parents, teachers and coaches working with the program over the past 15 years have noticed that students all show a more positive outlook on their future, learn to develop a growth mindset, learn resilience and can put the character traits into practice in their daily life.

What evaluation tools do you have for students?

We provide online pre and post assessments to gather student data at the start of the program and then at the end. Teachers can access student data through the online portal to see a view of their class as a whole. We also have surveys for parents and teachers to ensure satisfaction throughout the program.

What training do you provide?

Teachers are certified at the start of their program on the Jumpstart to Success-Level Up curriculum. In this 4 hour training, teachers walk through the entire year content, outcomes, and online portal. At the end of the training, teachers are ready to get started with their students using their Quickstart Guide.

How does AchieveIT360 communicate with teachers?

Once the program begins, a weekly email is sent to all teachers reminding them of how to begin the program, how to LOGIN to the online site and weekly Character lessons, reminding them of the content available within the online portal.

How is your program different than other Character Programs?

Jumpstart to Success-Level Up has added the most current brain research and neuroscience techniques to give students new learning strategies to help them to excel with their academic and personal lives.

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