Do, plan, prep, research and dream words as steps or instructions for success and achieving a goal in 3d letters on a pyramid

Do, plan, prep, research and dream words as steps or instructions for success and achieving a goal in 3d letters on a pyramid

The Laws of Leadership- Last year, in 2014, AchieveIT360 and Andrea Samadi made the TOP 100 Nominees for the John C. Maxwell Leadership Awards. In 2015 we were nominated again, but this year, we did things differently and progressed to the TOP 30! This post describes the specific action steps we took that I can confidently say, set us apart from other leaders, and gave  us a TOP 30 spot!

If you are looking to reach the top in your field, think about the action steps you are taking.

Here are some lessons learned from this process, that I hope you will read, and apply to your business and life. It starts with what you DO, how you PREP, PLAN, RESEARCH and DREAM!


1.  Share Your Vision!

Nominee comments in 2014 were only 19, and in 2015, we reached 68 comments! What was different in 2015? Since John C. Maxwell states that “true leadership cannot be awarded, appointed or assigned. It comes only from influence, and that cannot be mandated.” (Page 2, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership). How did we get more than 3x as many comments in 2015?  It comes down to influence and momentum.

In 2015, we had attained some success, and shared this success with those who have been supporting us over the years. Once success began to occur, those who have supported us through the lean years offered more help and assistance to help us break through to new heights. We didn’t get here on our own, and as we move onto new opportunities, those who have helped us along the way, are running side by side with us, offering a hand. Don’t be afraid to share your small, medium and large success stories and vision to keep your momentum going, and supporters who share your vision, will reach in and help you up!


2. Always Be Prepared With a Vision of Where You Are Going!

In 2015, we made the TOP 30 cut, and this led to an interview with the John Maxwell team, but it was not a surprise or shock that this was the next step in the process.  We were given clear instructions about the process that we read, and understood. The course was charted for us, and we just needed to understand the process, and prepare for where we wanted to go.  “Anyone can steer the ship, but it takes a leader to chart the course.” (Page 3, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership).

If you saw my office during the interview preparation phase, you would think this took weeks to prepare. It took a couple of mornings waking up at 4am to answer the questions that were provided ahead of time, and organize my thoughts in a way that would make sense. Since I had already prepared my 2015 Sales and Business Plan, I had a vision of where I was going already charted out, and just needed to cut and paste my well thought out plans to practice for the interview team.

In 2014, I didn’t have a clear vision of what I was doing, and where I was going, and the results reflected this lack of vision.

3. Have a Clear Mission and Vision and the Strategy Will Appear!

Preparing for where you are going, you must be clear about why you are doing it, what exactly you are doing, and how you are going to get there. You might not know all of the answers right away and we clearly didn’t have our strategy perfected in 2014. We knew our why, and what we wanted to do, but our HOW was very unclear.

Until 2015! Suddenly the strategy appeared and the momentum took us to another level. We are so thankful we didn’t give up when the strategy was not working out, but Thomas Edison helped a bit here. Edison

4. Be Prepared for Momentum!

“You must harness the power of the leader’s best friend–momentum!” (Page 14, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership).

Once momentum occurs, it’s up to the leader to keep it going and leverage this powerful tool. In 2014, we were lacking the right strategy, so momentum never occurred. Now that we have momentum in 2015, we are not leaving any stones unturned. This is not a time to celebrate, but to keep going to reach higher ground.


How to Build Momentum words on a checklist on clipboard offering advice for moving forward and progress

How to Build Momentum words on a checklist on clipboard offering advice for moving forward and progress

5. Keep Going! Reaching new heights means that you MUST keep researching, learning and growing to stay on top of your industry trends, and advancements. Never stop and revel in your success but keep going and strive to reach new markers of success. At this point, you must be sure to HIRE A COACH and keep pushing yourself to learn more! This is just the beginning! Now it’s time to DREAM! With each action step you take, you will find your energy builds and guides you along the way.

I look forward to hearing how YOU have progressed towards your goals, and want to see YOUR name on the 2016 John C. Maxwell Leadership Awards List of Nominees. In the mean time, wish us luck as we chart our course to the TOP 10 List!

funny conceptual design, choice between dream or reality

funny conceptual design, choice between dream or reality






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