AchieveIT360 is thrilled to be nominated for the 2015 John C Maxwell Leadership Award

John C. Maxwell Leadership award for 2015!

and making the TOP 100 two years in a row!  We have been working hard with our online Character Education program, Jumpstart to Success with 7 sites running successfully around the world.

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Our History: It All Started Back in the Late 1990s…

It all began when Andrea Samadi started working with youth using these lessons in January 1999 with a program called Youth Mentor International that was started by a well-known motivational speaker. It began with twelve teens. Within a few months, the program’s membership had skyrocketed to more than five hundred teens around the world who began working on leadership skills, public speaking, confidence, goal-setting, and attitude while overcoming their fears, doubts, insecurities, and health challenges in pursuit of their goals. In April of 1999, one of the largest school tragedies occurred in Littleton, Colorado, and the YMI students were fueled to impact the lives of other teens by sharing the importance of self-knowledge and communication.

Easter Seals-Justin & MichelleEaster Seals’ Leaders of Tomorrow Program- Andrea wrote her own curriculum

Next, Andrea Samadi mentored one hundred youth from the Easter Seals Society from July 2002 to 2005. Each participating youth had a physical disability. The results were astounding, and they mirrored those of the YMI Program. Students learned the importance of self-awareness, self-regulated learning and mindset and put their focus on what they were able to accomplish. Andrea Samadi won the Helping Hands award in October 2005 by applying these concepts with Easter Seals.

Secret for Teens Revealed

In 2008, Andrea Samadi released The Secret for Teens Revealed and worked with families and individual students around the world who were looking to take their potential to the next level. She created a coaching program and had coaches all over the world teaching this curriculum.

Level Up Book Jumpstart to Success for Schools Online Program

In 2014, she created Jumpstart to Success for the school market after consulting with educators who agreed there was a need for brain-based research with this program. She piloted the program with York Region School District in Toronto, Canada and the following year, was chosen to be a preferred vendor for the AZ DOE Character Education Program. In 2015, the book, Level Up was published with the most current brain-research and neuroscience techniques.

We are so grateful for this opportunity to be in the TOP 100 nominees for two years in a row! We believe that “the hope for the future rests in the courage and creativity of our youth!”

(Dr. Dan Siegel MD, “Brainstorm” 2014).

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