BIO-Born and raised in Mississauga, Ontaio, Jack has been an exceptional athlete from a young age. He is presently entering the 12th grade and spends the winter season snowboard training in Collingwood Ontario. Jack’s goals include winning a medal for Freestyle Snowboarding in the 2014 Winter Olympics and eventually going professional at the sport he loves.

Going for the Gold

I love snowboarding. I put on a board for the first time at the age of seven and started training with coaches at fourteen. In only 3 years of training I have become fully competitive and have been picked to train for the 2014 Olympics. Many are surprised at how quickly I have progressed, but not me. I know my goals.

I have the goal of being a medal contender for the slope style event in the next winter Olympics, 2014 in Sochi Russia. I also have the goal to be a professional athlete in snowboarding and to do the sport I love for a career. I just want to be able to snowboard at a professional level for the rest of my life.

What inspires me to snowboard is the freedom and satisfaction that I get when I land a trick that I have been trying to learn for so long. Every second on my board feels like the first and it’s an amazing feeling that will always be there. There is no other time in my life that I feel that free and can be as creative as I am on my snowboard.

What drives me to snowboard is the fun that I get from it and the memories that I have had with it. I have not found anything else that gives me a bigger rush than snowboarding.

I think for people to want to do something at a professional level they have to be extremely dedicated and want it. There are so many people out there that have so much opportunity and potential but don’t fulfill it.

Some tips on accomplishing your dreams…

Know your goals – I am very clear about my goals in my head. Some people write their goals down, but I repeat them over and over. Do what works for you. I do not always know how I am going to get there, but I know the goals.
Listen to your heart – I know in my heart what’s fun and what feels good. Some people do not understand and have tried to talk me out of my goals or show me why they are not possible. I just make sure that I listen to me because I know what I can accomplish.
Stay focused – Part of my success comes from a strong focus. If you keep focused on your goal when opportunities come up that will help you, you can take advantage of them.
Take steps every day – Every day I do something to accomplish my goal. It may not be a big thing, maybe even just thinking about it or going to the gym to work out in the off season. It all adds up.
Surround yourself with people who believe in you – my coaches are very supportive and tell me that I can do a board trick all the time. This pushes me to be better and they help me believe in myself.
Have fun – Life is meant to be fun and so are your goals. If your goals are fun you are more likely to reach them.
Going for the gold isn’t just about a medal. It’s about going for your dreams, whatever they are. Have fun and live large!

Jack Daniel

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