Is Girls Steen-skills-HS-optcouts (or Girl Guides for us Canadians) preparing our young girls for entrepreneurship? The last time a little cute Girl Scout knocked at my door, I wasn’t prepared for her HONED sales skills!! When I declined the cookies, because we were trying to reduce sugar in our house, she quickly pointed out the lower sugar options!! I was amazed and had to buy 2 boxes of the low sugar ones, and then…oh…add a bunch of the Thin Mints and Samoas please! I am sure she marked my house  to come back to for REPEAT sales!

Being a GOOD sales person, or a GREAT negotiator are skills that you can teach your child at an early age. Find jobs around the house that your kids can do, and then ask them to negotiate their rates. Start early and by the time your kids are in their teens, they will have mastered this skill and do it naturally. You can’t ever turn down a young person who comes back with “how about 2 more minutes” after being told to go to sleep in 5 minutes.

Let me know how YOU are preparing your children to take control of THEIR future! Together we can skyrocket these projections and help our kids become confident with problem solving, teamwork, learning to be creative, leadership and budget their money.



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