Rhett On Speaking and Motivation

Rhett Laubach works with associations, corporations and student organizations interested in developing leadership potential. Rhett is a professional keynote speaker and trainer, author, leadership expert, owner of YourNextSpeaker, LLC and PLI, Inc. and a 2014 brain tumor survivor. This experience has added a multitude of profound and powerful lessons that few presenters have the opportunity to share. Educators can learn more about Rhett at www.tinyurl.com/whatrhettsays.

Drawing from his 20+ years of speaking and training experience, Rhett’s ability to connect with his audience, whether students or professionals, and his powerful stage energy are second to none. Rhett’s clients include corporations, state and national youth student organizations, chambers of commerce, professional associations and schools.

Rhett LaubachWatch this video interview below and you will learn Rhett’s Secrets of Motivation and Speaking as well as:

  • The most important message that Rhett offers to students as he travels across the country, speaking on over 120 stages each year.
  • How to identify what’s holding you back.
  • Success Tips on how to be self-aware and know yourself, accept yourself and believe in yourself.
  • What happened to Rhett that changed his life and speaking message
  • How Rhett started his speaking career in Middle School



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