Interview with John Assaraf- Success Tips for Thriving in the Future Economy

John-AssarafAchieveIT360 was thrilled to have the opportunity to interview John Assaraf, to learn some new ideas, strategies and tactics for success in an economy and world that is forever changing.

BIO-New York Times Bestselling Author and Founder of

John shared the following Success Tips:

  • How to be resourceful, when he didn’t have resources.
  • The importance of not taking rejection personally.
  • Ways to ask people to purchase raffle tickets that guarantee sales.
  • How to ask for help when he needed it.
  • How to develop your talents and abilities to the highest Pro level.
  • How to upgrade your thinking, mindset and actions to attain a higher level of results.
  • Key strategies that helped him to blast through his own limiting beliefs to a high level of success and achievement.
  • Why having a mentor was so important to his pathway towards a successful future.
  • The process his mentor taught him to set and achieve goals.
  • How his failures taught him about success.
  • The power of repetition to learn a new skill.
  • Not to take rejection personally.
  • The missing link he found with people’s results led him to brain training.
  • His thoughts and vision for the future.


Video 1- John’s Early Days- How He Started onto He Pathway to Success

Video 2- Success Tips

Video 3- The Future

Video 4- Why Brain Training



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