I first met Doug Wead, the former advisor to two American Presidents in 2001, when I was working in sales for Bob Proctor Seminars. Doug Wead’s speech, over 13 years ago changed the way I would make decisions in my future and gave me the insight to write “The Secret for Teens Revealed” encouraging the reader  to decide “How they will make a difference in the world.”

Doug Wead’s speech on the “Triple Braided Cord” was about the Power of Third Party Credibility and the wisdom behind raising your level of credibility by aligning yourself with others who can validate our ideas.  I have never forgotten his words, and today, I had the opportunity of a lifetime, to interview him for the Jumpstart to Success School Program.

Stay tuned for this interview and to learn more about Doug, visit his fascinating website www.dougwead.com.

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