FlyLikeaHarrierBookAtlanta Drummond- Teen Athlete, Speaker, Author and Entrepreneur On Self-Confidence

Atlanta Drummond is an 18 year old student, athlete, entrepreneur and author of the book “Fly Like a Harrier: The Sporting Guide to Mastering Your Mind.”

AchieveIT360 recently sat down with Atlanta to hear her ideas on self-confidence, how she decided to write a book, and her passion as an athlete, entrepreneur and advocate for young students.  For 18 years old, she has already accomplished a lot, but she attributes her results to some key success strategies.

Watch the interview below and you will learn how to:

  • Write a book at any age
  • Develop unlimited self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Take your passion and turn it into a business, helping others
  • Continue to use your natural talents and abilities to earn money

To learn more about Atlanta Drummond, be sure to visit her website at


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