What Infusionsoft does well!

  • Hot Leads Campaign in the Marketplace allows me to see WHO is engaging with my campaigns so I can step in and call them for a personal touch to find out what they are looking for.
  • Online Training and Support has allowed me to master the set up and launch of my application. The User Groups keeps me tapped into “What’s New” so that I can continue to learn and improve my reach to my customers and prospects.
  • A staff that really cares. My coach has stayed in touch with me, sent me books to keep me motivated and encouraged me to drop into the Infusionsoft HQ where I saw a whole new perspective about the story behind Infusionsoft.

You will notice that Infusionsoft our choice for automation system at AchieveIT360.com! To learn more, read our REVIEW of this amazing automation system to see WHY we love it so much!

I would love to hear what others think of Infusionsoft or other systems for automating your business. Please comment below!

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