How to Use Your WILL to stay focused on your goals.
Your will is another one of the faculties of your mind that you can strengthen with practice, just like our muscles become stronger with exercise. The will is what you need to use to stay focused on your goals, and overcome obstacles. It’s the will that helps you hold your vision on the screen of your mind, overcome procrastination, and move steadily towards your goals and dreams. So, how do we develop this faculty of our mind? BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND YOUR DREAMS and then take the steps necessary to move towards them.

This is where your WILL comes into play. It takes effort to stay focused on your goals, but you must also work on eliminating all FEARS in your life. Some people never move towards their goals because they are afraid of something. You don’t have to be physically/mentally strong to have a STRONG WILL; you just have to eliminate your FEARS.

Some of the strongest people in the world were the least powerful physically, like Nelson Mandela who spent 27 years of his life in jail. He had no rights and no hope and did not know how he would even survive, but he was not afraid. He was spiritually strong, and used his WILL to stay focused on his passions. Mandela has received more than 250 awards over four decades, most notably the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize. In November 2009, the United Nations General Assembly announced that Mandela’s birthday, 18 July, is to be known as ‘Mandela Day’ marking his contribution to world freedom. This man mastered the use of his WILL to attain these achievements, after experiencing such adversity for so many years.

Try This FUN Activity for One Week –

December is the best month for goal-setting, since we can think about what we would like to accomplish next year. With your family, write out 5 goals you would like to accomplish next year. Write them down, and read them out to your family over dinner. Help each member of your family stay accountable to their goals by openly discussing their fears, to eventually eliminate them.


My Mom used her WILL to overcome Uterine Cancer. She had 100% belief in herself that she could overcome anything, and she told me the key to her success was to eliminate all of her fears. To overcome this obstacle in her life, she had to not be afraid of dying. If you speak to anyone with a serious illness, this is their first concern, but this fear, will not help them to get better. Once you can eliminate this fear, there is nothing left to worry about, and you can begin to work on healing your body. This is exactly what my Mom did, and she is now ten years Cancer free.

Results – What’s happening with your family? Is someone really good at using their WILL? Keep practicing until everyone gets better!

Change My Results NOW –
This is the KEY to SUCCESS in your life. If you want to change your results in any area, you just need to change your thoughts. It’s that simple! If you change your thinking to more positive thoughts, your level of vibration will change. You will notice that life will become more peaceful. Things will just become easier. Developing your higher faculties of your mind will give you an “edge” that will set you apart from others.

How to Use Your WILL-

  1. Put your fears out on the table and make a pact to eliminate them. Fears will only hold you back, but we all have them!
  2. Hold your VISION on the screen of your mind, using your WILL. When you are emotionally involved with your goals, it will be more difficult to throw in the towel at the first obstacle or challenge.
  3. Stay focused on 5 goals for 2010 and help your family members to stay on track with their goals.
  4. Believe in yourself and this belief will keep you moving when things become difficult.

Feedback –
Check in with your family often and discuss their progress with their goals.

Put it into Practice –
Using your WILL is not easy. Your WILL is what gets you off the couch, out the door, and to the gym to work on your health. I had to use my WILL to write this newsletter! When something is important to you, JUST GET UP and DO IT!
Note: Substitute teacher for parent and classroom for family, and this activity can be conducted in the classroom for an excellent character education activity.

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