Your intuition is another faculty of the mind that you must practice to develop.  With time, your intuition can be a very powerful tool that will help guide you towards whatever it is that you want. It’s that “inner voice” that tells you to do this, or do that. Have you ever heard this voice, and didn’t act on it, and later realized that you had missed an opportunity for something that you really wanted? Everyone has done this, as it takes time to develop your intuition, then more time to trust it and even more time to act on it. Hopefully, this lesson will give you some tips of where to start with strengthening your intuitive factors.

Try This FUN Activity for One Week –

When your phone rings, see if you can guess who is calling you (without looking at your call display). Listen to that inner feeling you get. Write down how many times you were right. This is your intuition at work!

If someone pops into your mind, write down their name. You might suddenly think of someone and you don’t know why, and before you know it, you have forgotten. If you can write down their name, it will be easier for you to remember your intuitive flash.

See if you can remember a time when you had a gut feeling or hunch about something that later came to be true. Did you act on it? What happened? These are the first steps to trusting that quiet voice from within.

If you don’t seem to have any intuitive flashes, that is perfectly normal and ok. Not everyone can “hear” or “feel” their intuition without practice.

How Can Your INTUITION help you?

If you have ever had to make a decision and you wonder if the choice is the best one, you can use your INTUITION to guide you. There is no need to seek outside counsel when you learn to listen to your inner gut feeling.  When you first start to practice this skill, you may wonder if you are really hearing your intuition, and you may at first mistrust your feelings and discount them as nonsense. Just see what happens and practice, until you begin to trust yourself.

Results – Is there someone in your family who is really good at using their INTUITION? Have them share their stories with you so you can hear their thoughts on trusting their inner guidance.

Change My Results NOW –
This is the KEY to SUCCESS in your life. If you want to change your results in any area, you just need to change your thoughts. It’s that simple! If you change your thinking to more positive thoughts, your level of vibration will change. You will notice that life will become more peaceful. Things will just become easier. Developing your higher faculties of your mind will give you an “edge” that will set you apart from others.

How to Develop Your Intuition-

  1. Learn to become aware of your feelings. You will need to go somewhere quiet (I like to think before I go to sleep) and listen to what your body is telling you.
  2. Once you have heard some messages or insights, learn to trust your inner guidance.
  3. Start to act on small hunches and record your results.
  4. Continue to meditate, listen to the quiet voice from within and take small steps with this information you are gathering from your higher self.
  5. With time, you will have a sense of knowing when you act on your inner guidance. This is when you will step out with confidence and act on your hunches.

Feedback –
Check in with your family often and discuss their progress with their intuitive side.

Put it into Practice –
Hearing your intuitive messages takes practice and time. Some flashes of insight will come when you meditate. Others will come when you are in a relaxed state like exercising at the gym, or in the shower. You do not need to be asleep to access your higher self. Just learn to relax and let the insights flow!


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