Did you know that your teen’s self esteem could be jeopardized by many different factors; negative comments from others, feeling like they do not fit in, and all of the nuances that go along with growing up as a teen.

What can you do as a parent or teacher to bolster self-esteem with your teen?  You first of all have respect for the growing mind and find out how things are going with them. Ask them questions, keep communication open and be a part of their lives.

Also, why not learn from your teen. Find out what their strengths are and see if you can learn something new. Times are changing and teens are keeping up with these times. Ask them what blogging is, what twitter is, and what wikkis are. They might smile at your naivety, but showing them you respect their knowledge is the first step towards a healthy self-esteem. While you are doing this, you are also learning something new.

SFT_completeformDownload this PDF file to assess your teen’s strengths! This activity can really open their eyes to where their strengths are, so they can pursue their goals with confidence!

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