Today I interviewed Houston Gunn! It had to have been the best learning experience I have had in a long time. Houston will change the way our kids are taught in schools…if you have not yet read his book, and you are a parent, teacher or teen, you need to get it today. Write me back when you’ve read it. I will post the lessons I learned from his book over the next few days and would like to hear from those who have also read his book.

Andrea Samadi’s AMAZON BOOK REVIEW for “Schooled for Success”

Houston_bookI was blown away with this book. Partly because I didn’t expect I would learn something and was shocked that this young author even addressed the places in the book he thought he might lose me. I wanted to hear about a 16 year old’s point of view on entrepreneurship and found Houston Gunn’s views to be dead on, innovative, and showed me how Houston is wise beyond his years! I love how he went above and beyond for his job shadow day, how he questions the things we are taught in school and asks why things can’t be done differently. I love how honest he is about being a picky eater (so am I) wondering what to say at networking events and how to move forward with his goals. I’ve been working with young entrepreneurs since the late 1990s and Houston sets the bar high for the next generation who will decide if they have what it takes to be in business for themselves. This book made me think about all aspects involved with entrepreneurship!

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