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The New Lemonade Stand

Does anyone remember the days when kids would set up a table on the street corner and sell lemonade by the glass?

Well I do and I remember way back when almost every kid had embarked on their very own Lemonade Stand at one point or another. This was back in the days with no worries. It was a safe, fun and rewarding way for kids to earn some extra spending cash.

I specifically remember doing some accounting and figuring out the cost of each glass of lemonade and my profit on each glass, if (and if was a big factor), I sold all my inventory. Ha ha that’s funny – a quart of lemonade was my inventory!

Anyway that was a great learning experience and was my 1st “entrepreneurial” experience that has now lead to a lifetime of excitement as an entrepreneur, creating jobs, wealth and participating in changes that have lead our great country into the 21st century.

Ok well those old days of the Lemonade Stand seem to be gone. I can’t remember the last time I saw a kids selling Lemonade on the street corner and now we have a new culture based around communication and technology.

Heck teens are texting 250 WPM (slight exaggeration) and have these high powered mini computers they carry around called cell phones. They are spending more time surfing the Internet than they watch television and they are usually the “computer technician” around the house.

Technology is changing and evolving at a pace that no other generation has ever seen. Teens in the year 2010 are basically geniuses compare to the teens of the 70’s.

So what can a motivated teen do to replace that lost income from selling lemonade on the street corner? The “NEW Lemonade Stand”…that’s what!

Before I reveal what “The New Lemonade Stand” is let me give you a few examples of what other teens have been able to do with “The New Lemonade Stand”.

My oldest son, as a senior in High School had months where he earned OVER $10,000 per month!

A young lady at the age of 14 started her “New Lemonade Stand” and at the age of 17 became a self made millionaire and her mom works for her! That’s what I’m talking about!

Ok so what is “The New Lemonade Stand”?

Drum roll please…….

A website! Who would have guessed!

Yep it’s that simple. And now with today’s technology it is easier than ever for a teen to start their own online business. Teens of this generation can earn money online starting TODAY with a web site, or in my sons’ case 432 different web sites.

So here is what every teen should understand. That a teenager, with a computer and Internet access, can earn some extra cash or a living online any where in the world and maybe become the next Internet millionaire.

But how you ask? It’s very simple; you just need some “specialized knowledge” and then take some action. By the way that is one of the “secrets” to success!

Here’s a simple concept I hope every teenager learns before they enter the “real world”.

If you want to make $10,000 per month learn how, if you want to make $50,000 per month then learn how and if you want to make $100,000 per month then just learn how!

The only thing keeping you from earning what you want in life is “knowledge”. Think about it. The people making this amount of money know how…that is how they are doing it. So if you want to earn this type of income just learn how!



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