Greg.T Anderson
BIO-Anderson is a speaker who brings passion and energy to the stage, classroom or whatever environment he is in. His speaking career revolves around a topic he understands first hand and it shows during his presentations: Never Give Up

When he speaks, he focuses on helping others reach their goals, dreams and aspirations. He hopes by revealing true elements of his own life that he can encourage others to go over, under or around life’s obstacles.

Greg has been invited to share the message of Never Give Up to churches, television/radio audiences, students as well as civic organizations because as he puts it: “Everyone has obstacles in their life of some form and those roadblocks can hinder their realization of the goal they’re trying to reach. My job is not to give people the answer but engage them enough that they will look deeper for a remedy that is closer than they realize . . . within themselves.”


Andrea, the publisher of Teen Performance Magazine, had a fantastic interview with Cymphonique Miller (daughter of P. Miller a.k.a. “Master P) and she talked about the lessons her father taught her. One of the lessons that “stuck-out” in my mind was when she said: “He taught me to be a leader and not a follower.”

Wow, what a lesson!

Have you ever been in a situation where someone tried to get you to follow them in the “wrong” direction? Sure, you have. We all have! What did you do? Did you follow them? Did you get on twitter and say: “Hey, guess what this FOOL tried to get me to do today . . . skip school” (or whatever it was). Okay, let’s keep it 100—how many of you ACTUALLY let this person lead you where you know—in your heart—is NOT the place to go? C’mon . . . be honest!

See, to be a leader you have to lead by example. Just because a person at your school is cursing, disrespecting authority and behaving badly doesn’t mean that you have to do that too. Don’t fall for that.

A man named John Maxwell who is considered a know-it-all on leadership always says: “Leadership is influence.” So, my question to you my friend is: Who are YOU influencing? Do you see someone at school who is not in your circle of friends so you look down on them? What about when you see somebody at school who wears the same clothes all the time—do you laugh at them? Just because they don’t have what YOU have, doesn’t mean you should treat them differently.

Leaders don’t do that.

Whether you want to believe it or not, you are leading. You ARE influencing somebody and that could be your little sister—little brother—friend—family cat or dog (a good sign that you are leading badly is if your dog FIDO won’t even follow you around the block/Sheeesh!)

So, to be that leader you were designed to be:

  1. Always be kind to others.
  2. Never let anybody lead YOU to a place you know—in your heart—is not good.
  3. Lead by example.

If you do these things, you will be a great influencer and other people will notice the “swagger” in you.

So, get your ‘swag-on’ and be the leader I know you can be.

On your Mark—Get Set—Go!

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