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Embrace Your Freakness

Frank-Keck-EMbrace-Your-FreaknessSitting at Gate 35 at the airport in Washington, D.C., I started people-watching – waiting for my flight. As I watched this free parade of diversity, I heard a jingling. I looked to my right and noticed a man headed my way. Then I did a double take. WHOA. He was dressed really weird.

He was wearing a red stocking cap with bells (thus the jingling), just like Santa. He had long white hair pulled back into a pony tail that went halfway down his back. He had dyed a pink streak on the left side of his hair and a blue streak on his right. He had a thick white mustache that curled up at the ends. His coat was a silk smoker’s jacket with a blue plaid shirt underneath. The shirt’s collar was yellow on the left and green on the right. He was wearing red, white, and blue-striped pants and red high-top gym shoes. This man was a FREAK!

Then he sat down next to me. UGH. I asked him if this was his daily uniform or was today a special occasion? He laughed and said, “Thank you, son, for noticing my outfit. It IS my uniform. You see, we are all special and have our own special talents. This uniform reminds me what makes me special and what my purpose is in life.”

After he left, I thought back to what he had said. Two things came to mind.

1. You must embrace your Freakness. We are all freaks, just different. What is it that makes YOU a Freak? What makes you memorable? What talents do you have that will help you to change the world? We all change the world in some way – some people do it on purpose, some do it by accident. Some people leave the world better, some worse.

2. Leave the world a better place. Do something to leave the world – and the people you come into contact with – better in some way. Your Freakness is a combination of your talents, passions, abilities, and experiences.

Fred DeLuca, at age 17, embraced his Freakness and founded Subway sandwiches. Mark Zuckerberg, in college, had a passion for the internet and helping people. He took this Freakness and founded Facebook.

Alex Scott had a passion to cure cancer, and so at age 4, she started her own lemonade stand to raise money to find a cure. She died of cancer, but her lemonade stand foundation is still around and still raising money to find a cure for cancer. Alex embraced her Freakness to leave other people better than she found them, even thought she never met most of them personally.

What are your talents? What are you passionate about? What special abilities do you have? Find your Freakness and your life – and perhaps other people’s lives – will be changed for the better, forever!

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