Arizona Department of Education – Character EducationWow, AchieveIT360 has been busy! First of all, we are thrilled to have been chosen to be a Pre-approved vendor for the Arizona Department of Education Character Ed Grant for 2014/15. This means that you will be seeing the Jumpstart to Success program in Arizona Schools! We have now correlated our program to the Common Core Standards and Arizona Career and College Readiness, and are thrilled for the opportunity to meet more students and teachers this next year in our home state.

Next, we went to our local Infusionsoft Conference and learned some new ways to communicate with our customers. We are thankful for the extra effort of Robbin Roberts, who stayed and helped us four days after the event, to plan the next few months.

MML_AwardThen we jet-setted off to the Make, Market, Launch IT event in San Diego, CA, where we won an award for implementing the MML framework into our online program.  We are so grateful for the nuggets that we learned at this event, helping us to improve our programs, and continue to connect with our audience. We learned from Bo Eason, who set the goal at age 9, to play in the Superbowl. He practiced and actually caught 1,000 passes EVERY DAY from age 9, right up until he played in the Superbowl for the Houston Oilers. What an incredible lesson. I know that there are goals I have wanted, and some of them seem to take forever! I can honestly say that I have never taken CONSISTENT action towards my goals until just recently, and this is what goal achievement takes.

We also learned a lesson from Mike Koenigs on taking immediate action! Those who ACT FAST, are rewarded. I acted fast when given a direction, and won $100! Always be prepared to take fast action!


Stay tuned…AchieveIT360 is in hyper growth. We are going to make an impact on the students in Arizona, and then plan to expand to other States.

Grateful for the opportunity! Thank you Pam Hendrickson and Mike Keonigs!


Andrea Samadi



  • Take immediate, consistent action and you will meet with SUCCESS every time! (Mike Koenigs)
  • Implement what you learn immediately! (Pam Hendrickson)
  • Mastermind with those who know more than you know to take your business to the next level (Infusioncon-Robbin Roberts)
  • Include “your story” when presenting your business. People will not connect with you until they see you are human, with struggles just like them. (Bo Eason)
  • My product MUST be something my demographic WANTS and NEEDS! Solve their problem with what they WANT, not what they need. (Ed Rush).
  • Ask your customers “What is your biggest challenge” and then show them how you can solve it! (Ed Rush).
  • Relationships multiply influence (Frank Glass).


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