Self_Esteem-optWhat a good question!  How is a teenager supposed to build a healthy self-esteem when their grades are suffering? How are they going to excel in the classroom, or with extra-curricular activities like sports, if their self-esteem is at risk?  Richard D Lavoie’s article linked here on self-esteem reminds us that “self-esteem is a feeling, not a skill” and that adults must be careful observers by watching for this feeling with the teens in our lives and paying strict attention to what we see.

Can you recognize self-esteem with the teen in your life?  Do you think its healthy, or is it suffering?  If we want our youth to be successful with academics and life, we must continually bolster their self-esteem by challenging them to live up to their highest potential.  Self-esteem is therefore the key to building competence in your teenager’s academics and life.

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