Beyond-the-Secret2-optLast Thursday the movie, Beyond the Secret, was broadcast in movie theaters across the USA, and I was there. This movie showcased a panel of leaders in the motivational area like Les Brown, Bob Proctor and Steven Siebold. They gave their incredible insights and ideas about the world today, and how people can take the concepts from the movie, The Secret, and use these concepts for an improved life. Some people on the panel explained how they did the same.  The key to transforming this material into your daily life is to understand it, then get some help staying focused on implementing the concepts, and finally,  putting in the time and effort to see it through until your desires come into form.

So, what does this have to do with our children? Well, when I worked in the seminars with Bob Proctor, I always heard the question “So, how do we teach this to our children?”  Right on cue, someone from the audience asked this question.

This is exactly what I am prepared to explain. I have been working with the concepts from the movie, The Secret, with young people, since 1999.  This is the age group that is most receptive to the information at hand. If you would like to learn more about how to teach the concepts from the movie The Secret to your teen, go to

I recently saw a brilliant interview on the Pat McMahon show with Robert Ballard, who discovered The Titanic. He quoted a 17th Century saying that explained “By logic you prove, but by intuition you discover.” Can you imagine the power of teaching your teen how to use their intuitive factor in their daily life so they can make better choices?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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