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Interview with Amazon Best Selling Author, Speaker and Coach, Derek Doepker

AchieveIT360 was thrilled to interview Derek Doepker, a speaker, coach, certified NLP practitioner, and author of over 6 bestselling books in personal development, self help, fitness, and authorship. We came across Derek with his “Break Through Your BS; Uncover Your Brain’s Blind Spots and Unleash Your Inner Greatness” book and were so impressed with his ideas that we reviewed his book.

Derek Deopker writes a brilliant success guide for anyone looking to make the necessary changes to experience new results. As a serious student of personal development over the past 15 years, I saw many influences to Derek’s work that captivated my attention to see Derek’s take on this important topic. I loved many things about this in depth blueprint.
*We must take an honest look at our life and results (to make changes) and most people can’t do this, so they never will change.
*We must trust that we have the answers within ourselves (and go all out).
*Beliefs are BS (and many people’s lives are driven by these BS beliefs).
*We must upgrade our brain’s thinking (study, learn, read, challenge our beliefs).
*We must look at old ideas in a new way (see things from different perspectives).
*Learning breakthroughs are our responsibility.
*What behaviors are you doing to be comfortable now that can potentially set you up for pain down the road?
*Never lose sight of what could be.

Watch our interview with Derek, where he offers some practical tips and strategies to help motivate young people to attain success.

You will learn:

  • Tips on getting better grades, improving your health, how to deal with frustration and how to get unstuck when you are stuck!
  • How Derek started writing his blog and launched 6 best-selling books on
  • How his mentors helped him skyrocket to new heights of success.

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