Danny Proctor is often described as The Best-Kept Secret in today’s fast-paced world of innovative entertainment.

As the talented protégé of his famous grandfather, Bob Proctor, Danny established himself to be a natural teacher and leader from a very early age. By the age of 21 he had already achieved worldwide acclaim as a mentor, platform speaker and onstage performer. He has personally mentored teens and pre-teens, between the ages of 10 and 19 years old, in more than 86 different countries.

Danny is also the only student of the famed, “Mysterion, the Mindreader.” As such, he is an accomplished Mentalist, performing extraordinary Mindreading demonstrations to the delight and amazement of his audiences – young and old – worldwide.

Danny has been featured on Rogers TV, the Toronto Star, Kenton Knepper’s Wonderwizards.com, and a writer for Teen Performance Magazine.

The Importance of a Mentor in Your Life-Danny Proctor Teaches You How to Shape your Future

I often get asked what it is like growing up with Secret Teacher, Bob Proctor as my Grandfather. Well, my relationship with my Grandpa isn’t what most people have; he’s an energetic, big thinker and a fun guy to be around. He is also one of my best friends and has taught me more than he will ever know and I can’t thank him enough for that. So, growing up with him in my life has been very inspiring because I have been immersed in personal development material since I was born, and truly, it is because of him. Being able to spend so much time with him, I see how he treats others and the way others treat him. A trait that consistentlyshows up is his generosity and anyone who has met him will agree. That is one quality that I think everyone should possessregardless if you are 75 or 13 years old. I wanted to share with you some life lessons that I have learned directly from my grandpa, Bob Proctor, and hope these words of wisdom can help you progress towards your current goals and plans.

Life Lesson #1- Brainstorm BIG ideas with your mentor and become a coachable student.

Mostof the time we hang out and joke around, discussing big ideas or certain philosophies and books. He’s gotten very good at critiquing my magic (I enjoy public speaking and performing magic) and I have shown him some tricks so many times that I am sure he can do them all much better than I can!

I have also learned how to present, and how to study from my grandpa. He has studied his whole life and has no formal education. Seeing that has reallytaught me a great deal, like how to get incredibly good at one thing and learn all you can about it. He and my parents have made sure that you have to go wherever you need to go to learn and grow as a person. This has made studying more appealing to me, by their example.

Life Lesson #2- You can only think one thought at a time-positive or negative.

I have been very fortunate to have many friends who are supportive of whatever I do. Some have even seen me speak or perform magic when I was just starting out, and trust me; no one wants to be around someone who just learnt magic because you will see the same trick a million times. The experience to have people in your life like that is special and I never take it for granted. Occasionally, someone will ask how to be positive and Iwill go deeper on this subject in future issues of this magazine, but here is the simple answer that will dramatically change how you think. You have two decisions! That’s it. In any situation you can make it good or bad. You can be positive or negative, happy or sad. There always isan opposite side to whatever it is that you are experiencing. So right now, when you arereading this magazine, you can make the decision to enjoy everything. Now you may say, “Well I just failed my math test, and am grounded! How could I be positive about that?” Remember, you have two decisions. Enjoy your time, study and read these magazines, as they will help you in whatever it isthat you arecurrently working on with your life. Your grades will increase and it will feel like everything is getting easier. You will enjoy life more. Remember you have two decisions and I KNOW that reading this material is a good one. I know I will be reading everything that comes out since I know that I am still learning and growing every day.

Life Lesson #3- Learn, perfect and practice how to consistently think in that certain way that ONLY successful people know how to think.

I have found that the ways of thinking that I have learned have helped me with everything that I do. The way I talk, the way I respond to people, and the way people talk with me. Most importantly, the way I do things has changed. If I didn’t think it were possible to succeed in a certain area of my life, most likely I wouldn’t because I wouldn’t even try for something that I didn’t believe I could obtain. For example, if I thought I was a bad presenter, then I probably would be! I used to dislike it and was terrified of it. I was so focused on myself that I would be nervous, but something I have learnt from my grandpa, and I hope you will learn from this article, is that when presenting a speech to a class or to anyone, focus on the audience and on what information you can give them that they will enjoy. I would get nervousbecause I was focusing on myself and what they thought of me when I was in front of the class or a large group. I now know that when I focus on them, and what they are learning from me, then the presentation will go so much smoother. It works for any subject area; Science, History, Cosmo or if you are discussing a country that you had to do research on and have to present to the class, then use this technique and it makes it so much easier to be in front of your classmates.

Life Lesson #4-Become a lifelong learner.

I plan to keep learning and setting goals for the rest of my life. In order to keep growing, I plan to read every day. It could be a book, this magazine or something that expands my thinking. It’s so important to read inspirational and mind expanding material because it helps you in so many ways that you may not even see at first; mainly with your attitude. So, take a serious look through this magazine and see what you have learned and then you must learn to apply these concepts into your daily habits so that you will start to see your life change for the better. I set goals and record them and find this an enjoyable thing to do, even if I fail, as I see what I have learned from that failure.

Life Lesson #5-Set goals that are realistic to you and find that one goal that sparks something inside of you to keep learning and perfecting it, for as long as it makes you happy.

Where do you see yourself 10years from now? I’m going to use the tacky answer of… “Well in ten years from now I see myself doing what I love,” Ha Ha, I don’t know if you truly buy that or not, but it’s better than saying “Well I don’t really have an answer for that. I’m just going to take it one day at a time.” I have the first answer because it’s true! I will do my best at doing whatever it isthat I love to do because I have done many things and I have had a few jobs that I didn’t like at all. The people were nice enough, but the job was not to my liking. In fact, my grandparents and parents told me that it’s a good life lesson because I now know what I DON’T want to do, ever again! When you do what you love it’s not work, its actually fun. Think of your favorite subject at school and see how easy it to enjoy this class. The point I would like to make is that I think it is very important to find what you love to do and thenwork at it with all of your efforts. That is one key principal in life that I have learnt from my grandpa when I was in his office and I will never forget that.

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How to Improve Your Memory

As in the previous article, memory was talked about by Andrea Samadi and it is such a vital part to our lives. I have worked a lot on developing this “muscle” I guess you can call it (because it does have to be developed much like any muscle does) for sometime now and i have reaped the rewards connected to a good memory. What I have learned is the better your memory gets the more creative you become because you have to use your imagination for the ways shown below (none of these ideas are mine, i have gathered them from many sources). We memorize things mainly through using our creativity, or through repetition. It can be much more efficient to use creativity as your memorizing tool because there may be no time to use repetition to memorize what you need to, for example the periodic table in science class or even a shopping list. All these can easily be remembered by using some of these techniques given here.

A great way to memorize a group or list of things is using “association” or linking the items in a chain mentally. So lets say for example we are to memorize a list of 10 different words for class tomorrow and the list is:

leaf bird boat green basketball light cloud mountain pool mud

Then we have to connect the words through association and make a ridiculous link or image between the first two words then move on to the others, be sure to make the mental picture big, clear and crazy. So the first is a leaf and to connect to the word bird we have to use our imagination to make a crazy picture in our head because that’s how we will be able to remember it. I will tell you how I will imagine it and later on you can make your own ridiculous links between the words so you can remember virtually anything.

First I would see two big LEAVES and in between them is a BIRD using the leaves as its wings and it’s flapping like crazy. The next association is the bird and the boat, I see a massive BIRD with a motor as its tail and it is a BOAT in the water. Next is boat and green, I see a BOAT that’s neon and leaves a GREEN wake behind it. Then Green and basketball, I see a GREEN BASKETBALL dripping green paint everywhere it goes. Then basketball and light, I see a BASKETBALL in a LIGHT fixture with a little pull on and off cord hanging from it. Then light and clouds, I see a bunch of CLOUDS that are LIT up because they are plugged into a giant floating outlet. Then clouds and mountain, I see CLOUDS but on top of them is a whole MOUNTAIN range. Then mountain and pool, I see at the bottom of the MOUNTAINS where the cliffs meet is a POOL of shimmering blue water that comes off of the ice at the top. And finally pool and mud, I see a POOL that is completely full of MUD and I picture myself swimming in the dirt.

Once you have made these outrageous associations between the words you will find it easy to remember because the mental pictures you have created are so elaborate that you will find it hard to forget. I want you to try to make crazy picture associations between the words below and make the pictures as big and wild as you can, really use your imagination.

tree bus surf board t-shirt magazine ironing board television remote car computer dog

Once you have used your imagination and linked these words into your own pictures try going out and getting a crossword or word find puzzle and memorizing the lists of things given, its great practice and helps develop your creativity.

If you want more information on memory systems i would suggest getting copy of THE MEMORY BOOK by Harry Lorayne. so go out and practice these and remember we have a perfect memory we just need to develop it more.

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