BIO-Chas Robinson is currently a senior at Olympia High School in Orlando, Florida. He is a four year member of the varsity water polo team, four year member of the drum line and percussion ensemble. He is graduating with honors, summa cum laude. Next year he will be attending the University of Florida and plans on majoring in Aerospace Engineering. He will be in the AFROTC program there and plans on gaining a commission in the Air Force upon graduation.


Hard Work and Focus Pays Off

More times than I can remember I have been asked how I do everything that I do and be successful at all of it. How is it possible to be involved with nearly everything and still be successful at all of it? The simple answer: a lot of hard work and dedication. Just about anyone could tell you that. In reality success requires stems from the way you live, from everything you do, to who you surround yourself with. It is something that requires twenty four hour total immersion to achieve it. By following these guidelines you should have an easier time getting on your way to success.

1. Set clear, definitive, achievable goals. Make sure you think of a goal that has a clear end point and can be achievable or you’ll quickly become discouraged. Make sure it is specific, instead of setting your goal as simply being successful; break that down into multiple, smaller goals. For me, I knew I wanted to go to the University of Florida and I wanted an Air Force ROTC scholarship, both of which are extremely competitive, especially the scholarship. When I decided this was what I wanted, I knew I needed good grades, test scores, high involvement in extracurricular activities, and leadership positions. By my senior year I wanted to be an officer in multiple clubs and honor societies as well as band, I wanted to get a maximum of one B for my final grades, maintain my status as a starter on the varsity water polo team, and score at least a 1350 on the SAT to qualify my for the state funded “Bright Futures” scholarship which pays full tuition to a Florida public college.

2. Get into a routine. Plan out each day before it begins and set out a specific time frame for everything you have to do that day. Write down you schedule, most schools will provide you with a planner: use it. For example: School from 7:30 to 2:30, practice from 3:00 to 5:30, study from 6:00 to 8:00, another activity, 8:00 to 9:00, then go back and finish any extra homework. Further break down you study time, tell yourself, “Ill study physics for 45 minutes, then math for another 45, and history for the last 30.” If you reach that 45 minutes and are not done, move on and come back later. If you know you only have a certain amount of time to complete something you’ll focus more energy on it and complete it sooner.

3. Stick to your goals. Once you get your routine down you’ll end up with more free time because your focus will greatly increase while you’re working on something so you’ll finish quicker. You’re free time will gradually increase. And in the end, all of the hard work will have paid off.

4. Surround yourself with other people with similar goals. If you want to be successful in school surround yourself with others you want to be successful in school and your performance will greatly improve. These people and help you if you need it and you can help them in return. A lot of times you tell if you really know something if your able to teach it to someone else. It will be really hard to get straight A’s if all the people you hang out with don’t care in the least bit about grades and they’ll end up bring you down.

5. Make sure whatever you’re doing, it’s something you love. If you’re goal is to go to be a doctor because you’re parents want you to be a doctor, you won’t be nearly as successful. Make sure you’re goal is something YOU want to do, and your process to reach it involves doing things that you love to do. It will ensure that you’re happy, and if you’re happy the goal will seem like less of a task to accomplish and you’re success will be that much greater.


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