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 7 Ways to Build Unshakable Confidence & Rock Solid Self-Esteem

Confidence and Self-Esteem are major components for living a productive, happy, and fulfilling life. Confidence is self assuredness or belief in your abilities, and self esteem relates to how you value yourself. The fantastic news is that confidence can be learned and self esteem can be improved. Here are 7 ways, which if taken seriously, and practiced regularly, are guaranteed to improve both.

1) Take Responsibility: Banish all excuses. Starting today, begin to take full responsibility for your attitude and actions. Forget about finding someone or something else to blame when things don’t go your way. When you take responsibility, you take control. You now have an opportunity to speak in a solution oriented manner. For example; if you are late for an appointment or a class, instead of blaming or saying ‘it’s not my fault’, try saying something like; ‘I apologize, I am responsible for being late, I’ll be sure to leave earlier next time.’ It takes practice and courage at first, but if you can make the phrase; ‘I am responsible’, part of your regular vocabulary your confidence will undoubtedly increase.

2) Welcome Failure: From this day forward start to see failure as feedback. Take the approach that you can learn something from every experience, and if you are learning you are growing. This attitude will provide you with the confidence to do more things.

3) Productive Vocabulary: Exchange the word ‘try’ with ‘will’, the word ‘problem’ with ‘challenge’. By changing these and other words in you vocabulary you will instantly feel different. Which sentence sounds stronger? “I’m going to try and do my homework”… or, “I will do my homework.”

4) Healthy Lifestyle: Eat well, exercise, rest and take time out to reflect. What you ingest can have a positive or negative effect on your mood and energy level. Regular exercise is proven to have a positive effect on your overall well being and meditation or productive contemplation reduces stress.

5) Visualize & Act As if: Take time each day to visualize yourself as the person you wish to be and then take time each day act as if you were the person you wanted to be. Dress, walk, talk and carry yourself like a confident person.

6) Add Value: Find ways to add value to yourself and others. Find ways to be of service, to be helpful, to volunteer, to make a contribution and to better yourself. Ongoing self development is imperative to your growth, and will help you to become that person that you want to be.

7) Personal Survey: List everything you like about yourself. List all of your accomplishments, large and small. List everything and everyone you are grateful for. Make this list as long as you like, continue adding to it, and refer to it regularly. Whenever you feel like a confidence boost refer to it.

There are many more ways to increase your confidence and improve your self esteem. What I’ve provided you with here is a strong foundation to build upon. Now it’s up to you to take productive action and remember YOU are responsible for your attitude and actions.


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