Changing the World One Person at a Time!

This weekend I drove five hours from Phoenix to Arizona with my two small children with the hopes that I would be able to see my mentor, Bob Proctor at the July CEOSPACE event. It’s not always easy seeing a speaker face to face at large conferences, and often it depends on many different factors. With the power of intention, I was able to thank Bob Proctor in person for the value his teachings have had on my life, allowing me to keep the chain going, and motivate and inspire teenagers with the curriculum that was inspired by his work, The Secret for Teens Revealed.

What an incredible opportunity this event was in so many ways! I was able to sit in on the TEEN FEAST CLASS run by Eve Hogan where teens around the world receive a top notch education to accelerate communication skills, improve study habits, career choice, conflict resolution skills, and team building best practices. I shared a SPECIAL gift for these teens, and a few of them acted quickly, embracing the value of studying to improve themselves, while helping others by showcasing what they are learning at the SECRET FOR TEENS REVEALED MEMBERSHIP SITE.

I will post here the RESULTS that these teens accomplish in the next 10 weeks, and look forward to more exciting, inspiring NEWS to help YOU motivate and inspire your teen! Stay tuned!

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