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Online LMS Platform Can Be Accessed 24/7

Students and teachers can login easily to access the online portion of the program that can be used either as a classroom discussion tool, or as a standalone tool for students to work through the program independently at home.

Prepares Students to be Future-Ready

The 6 Phase “Level Up” book provides strategies for students to build their future in an ever-changing world. This student driven framework encourages the application of each attribute with online assignments where students are rewarded with badges for each submission.

Make a Difference and Monitor Student Growth

Impact young people in your local community and schools with this proven step by step success blueprint.  Shows where student’s mindset is at the start of the program and at the end to show results and gains.

  • Teachers can access their grade book for a snapshot of their classroom learning and progress.

Engaging Videos and Assignments Show Students How to Think and Create Results

Students learn topics by watching an engaging video, then applying the lesson learned in an online assignment.

Students are rewarded with badges for each assignment submitted.

Based on the Framework from The Level Up Book

After 15 years of researching the TOP industry leaders in success and motivation, The Level Up Book was created with the most current brain-research and neuroscience techniques to inspire innovation, creativity and achievement.

Expert Interviews

AchieveIT360 interviewed some well-known celebrities, and world and business leaders, TV Celebrities from “NBC Shark Tank” and regular everyday people to drive home the attribute in a motivating and memorable way.

Character Attribute Lessons

Here is a preview of the Character Education component (videos that accompany the PDF worksheets online).

  1. COMPASSION-Tiffany Krumins (Season 1 Success Story from NBC Shark Tank) with her story of how she invented Ava the Elephant. She offers some tips for young people who may have an idea that can help others by sharing her story of how she invented Ava the Elephant, and received funding to launch it. She shares how she took her passion for children and turned it into a business where she can expand her reach to young people around the world.
  2. WISDOM– Bob Proctor (Best Selling Author and Motivational Speaker) offers some tips of how he has earned his wisdom from studying the same topic (success) for over 50 years. He advises young people to take out a pen and write out a goal that they really want. This short video inspires students to take action.
  3. INITIATIVE– 17 year old Houston Gunn (author of the book, How I Plan to Graduate from High school a Millionaire) shares his success tips for students on how to take initiative, and never give up. See his image to the right with Donald Trump who endorsed his book. He shares how he took initiative to get Donald Trump to endorse his book by sending out 100 emails. One person replied-Donald Trump. The rest is history!

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