What a question! Educators are hearing across the board that students must graduate from high school prepared for the work force as well as College.  Since most of the jobs we are training students for in 2014 don’t exist today, career and technical education emphasizes lifelong learning and 21st-century skills: critical-thinking, communication, technological, and analytical skills.

What are you doing to prepare your teen for the high level of thinking that will be expected of them in the 21st Century workforce?

 teen-skills-HS-optStart here:

1. Teach critical thinking and communication skills by asking your teen for how they would have handled certain situations that you are working on in your work life. Let them start to use their minds to give YOU advice, and be open to what they say.

2. Let your teen teach you how to use social media for your business. This will give them confidence as you ask them for advice. They understand Twitter, Facebook and Blogging at a level that adults will never be able to grasp. Let them guide you to increase YOUR results.

3. Practice analytical skills by debriefing situations together, giving each other advice. Let them become leaders of the household as they begin to think and act as 21st Century Leaders.

Try these activities to see if you can begin to work with your teen and guide them towards being college and work bound in the 21st Century.

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