How do we teach our children to take responsibility for their life, actions, behaviors and results? It really is the key to life success, and will separate a winner from someone who will make up excuses for their behavior.  Research is showing that some people will actually begin to self-sabotage their performance in order to protect their self-esteem, before they have even attempted their goal.

Psychologists have been studying this sort of behavior since 1978, when Steven Berglas used the term “self-handicapping.”  The idea is that some people shoot themselves in the foot before they have even tried to accomplish their goals.

It is clear that taking responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, actions and results is crucial for life success. Instilling that it is ok to fail is also a part of winning.  There is no need to make excuses for your results, just accept where you are and move on towards the results that are desired. Be sure that as a parent, or a teacher, that your teens understand that they must take full responsibility for their actions, without excuses. This is easier said than done, but it is the start to building a healthy future, where there is not a habit built up in a persona to make excuses for why they did not complete their sales reports, taxes or pick up the dry cleaning.  Start to teach responsibility at a young age, and build healthy self-esteem with self-awareness, not self-preservation. For more tips and tricks, see!

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