nik_halik39-300x187What do you ask someone who has achieved almost EVERY outrageous goal they have set for themselves?

When I first heard about Nik Halik, it was from my mentor, Bob Proctor. He suggested that EVERYONE look him up. He spelled his name clearly, so we could all “Google” him, and at first glance of looking Nik up, I thought he was just another speaker. Until I saw this image of Nik as a young man, with his goals written out next to him.

Who sets goals when they are 8 years old?

Then I saw another image that made me think. Is this Nik Halik?Nik-Halik18 He looks like a ROCK STAR! Then I saw behind the image a child’s writing and I remembered the list of goals.

Could this be Nik Halik as a ROCK STAR? Does this mean he has achieved this goal?

I started to research Nik and I learned that to date, he has accomplished 8/10 of his “Original” 10 Goals.

I knew I had to interview Nik Halik for AchieveIT360’s Jumpstart to Success Program so that other young people could see what Nik has accomplished, and set their own list of goals for their life.

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